Dangling and Limping on the Scale of Justice -Part III-
By: Ogbazgy Abbay Asmerom
April 1, 2004

-- Evil triumphs when good men keep silent --

Part III

The deportation process caused a lot of family dislocation. It was the most heartbreaking episode. In fact, it was the ugliest incident that ever happened in the history of the two nations. The writer of this essay knows the intimate and personal stories of some families who were deported from Tigray and Ethiopia. Their stories and ordeals make you bite your tongue and gnash your teeth! While the Weyanie regime was committing the most flagrant violation of Human Rights, the UNSG and UNSC did not utter a word. Thus, the Ethiopian government broke the protocol of The Declaration of Human Rights Convention of 1948. Due to the silence of the UNSC, the evil ways of the Ethiopian government continued without any restraint.

Eritrea has fully accepted the verdict of the Decision. Eritrea is not the guilty party. Eritrea has complied. It is waiting for the implementation of the Border Decision. Why is this so hard for the guarantors to understand? Are they not politically astute and savvy to know the difference between accepting and rejecting the verdict? Do they not know the language of absurdity and anomaly?

The UNSC has the means, mechanisms, and systems to make Ethiopia comply, but has not done it. It has the tools to be used. It must use them before it is too late! When it comes to the implementation of the demarcation process, the UNSC has shown the seeds of inaction, partiality and has abandoned its international responsibility. It has to invoke the provisions of Chapter Seven of is Charter and punish the guilty party, which is Ethiopia. Severe Economic Sanction must be imposed on Ethiopia so that it accepts the verdict.

Let us look at some of the famous treaties where there was no dangling and limping on the scale of justice by any entity. There was no known deception or attempt made by the affected parties, like the one being practiced by Ethiopia, which has prevented the implementation of an international instrument. For those who may have forgotten some historical facts, the following historical treaties can be cited as examples: Westphalia (1648), Utrecht (1714), Paris (1783), Ghent (1815), Vienna (1848), Paris (1898), Versailles (1919), Yalta (1945), Panmunjon (1953), and Paris (1973). If anyone of the above-mentioned peace treaties were neglected and abandoned, the world would have been the worst place to live in. Due to the acceptance and implementation of those treaties, we have established borders and mechanisms of international diplomacy.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU), now African Union (AU), is the most inept, indecisive and weakest link. It has completely abandoned its regional responsibility. It has become the domestic “slave” of Ethiopia. It is a shame to have an organization that is a disgrace to the continent! Its headquarters, located in Addis Abeba, only serves the interests of Ethiopia. Its position in Eritrea is very dismal. Since its inception in 1963, the OAU never raised the Eritrea issue, especially when Eritrea was fighting for its national liberation from Ethiopian Colonialism.

The Organization was keeping the interests of Emperor Haileselassie and Mengistu Hailemariam. Its present position has not changed. Currently, the AU, which is one of the guarantors of the peace accord, has not uttered a word concerning the demarcation process. It has been mute and dumb. In fact, it is being used by Ethiopia to hoodwink public opinion and has remained silent on the demarcation process. While Ethiopia was committing the most flagrant Human Rights violations in its backyard, the African Union did not issue a statement to condemn the deportation of Eritreans.

It is also a shame to note that in its recent deliberations, the AU has chosen Ethiopia to be one of the African Security Council members to preserve peace in Africa. This can be compared to assigning a “fox to keep the chicken coop.” Can Ethiopia help in maintaining African peace, when it is the only country that is causing the instability in the region? Can Ethiopia be trusted to maintain peace in the Horn of Africa? We all know what has happened to Somalia! Somalia is in a distressful situation because of Ethiopia! Do not the member states see the inconsistency of the organization? Is it not Ethiopia that has caused the instability of the region?

The European Union seems to be more reasonable when it comes to letting Ethiopia know its diplomatic and political limits. The French and the Germans have voiced some displeasure against Ethiopia and wanted to see it comply with the Border Decision. Their progressive nature of governance does help them see the world via a different lens. It is encouraging to note that the Germans are entertaining the idea of imposing some economic sanctions against Ethiopia. The French will follow the same direction. Still, the French do believe in liberty, equality, and fraternity. They have some sense of justice.

American and British diplomats have shown the most arrogant attitude towards the implementation of the Demarcation Process. They seem to embrace the position of the Ethiopian government. Both nations seem to be stuck in the cobweb of Ethiopian deception and intrigues. London and Washington seem to preach a form of non-existent international principle, democratic form of government, transparency, and the application of the rule of law, while they are the main violators of international laws. Both of them were heard loud and clear talking constantly about RESOLUTION 1414 and its implementation, which they arrogantly and erroneously believed that the resolution had given them the green light and sole right to invade and destroy Iraq.

The British need to know the heyday of Imperial Power, where the sun never sets, is over. The years they spent in Eritrea (1941-1952) were full of contradictions. Some of the mistakes committed by the British in Eritrea are not forgotten from the memories of those who witnessed what had happened. The British Empire is history!

The Americans need to learn a lesson that dominating the world by any means necessary is a disaster. The lessons of the Revolutionary War of the 1770s should be remembered. Justice applies to all! The USA needs to realize that humility, truth, and justice must be its hallmarks. Washington has some knowledge about Eritrea. The American used an Eritrean military base for more than 30 years (1942-1978) and had played a negative role in Eritrean politics.

Some American diplomats have suggested that if Eritrea does not accept the appointment of Lloyd Axworthy it will “face some diplomatic isolation!” What does this mean? Did Ethiopia face any isolation by refusing to accept the verdict? Which one of the two countries is in serious trouble and which one has broken an international law?

Ignoring an instrument of an international law will create more havoc. There will be more instability in the Horn of Africa because of the political expediency taken by the American and British governments. Eritrea knows very clearly the positions taken by both countries in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s when it comes to the Eritrean cause. In 1991, Eritrean independence was an irreversible fact and the two countries could not do anything to prevent it. It was a fait accompli! Thus, grudgingly they accepted what Ethiopia was forced to accept.

To be continued …………