Dangling and Limping on the Scale of Justice -Part IV-
By: Ogbazgy Abbay Asmerom
April 2, 2004

He who conceals a useful truth is equally guilty with the propagator of an injurious falsehood
--- St. Augustine ---

Part IV

It is a historical fact Eritrea is a small country and has about 5 million inhabitants. On the other hands, Ethiopia is larger and has over 66 million people. That does not make Eritrea less valuable and respected in international affairs. Eritrea has its won values and merits. It does not want to trade its virtues for what Ethiopia cannot offer.

Eritrea is yearning for national respect and mutual equality with others and the application of international justice. The Eritreans, whether the world likes it or not, are part of the human race and they demand to be respected for who they are. They do not demand anything less or anything more! Eritrean national identity cannot be reversed. It is as strong as a steel of iron. There is unity in the national cause and territorial integrity. Eritrean national identity is known by patience, unity, peace, perseverance, integrity, truth, equality, and justice. There is no force that is going to dilute these exemplary qualities! There may be very few who could be considered as renegades, traitors, and quislings! Other than that, no one wants to see the scale of justice tipped to the wrong side!

The Eritreans do not want to forfeit what is legally theirs, which is the implementation of the Decision of the Border Commission. The decision is Eritrea's birthright. It is the bottom line of the whole issue. It is the sum and total of the conclusion of the unnecessary border war that took place in 1998 and ended in 2000.

The UNSC must not tamper with the decision, which was declared last and binding. If it does this, it loses its credibility. The international body becomes a mocking bird and its relevancy will be eroded. The worst of all, if the UNSC wants to expose its irrelevancy, let it declare the Border Decision “null and void”! Then, at last, there will not be any respect left for it. At this time, in every moment, Eritrea is "crying" for justice to be served. For many years, the Eritreans have fought for justice. They will never give up on justice and truth!

It is to be recalled, the UN, through its inaction and indifference had prolonged the suffering of the Eritreans. Eritrea should have been independent in the 1940s. However, political expediencies and selfish interests of the super powers made it difficult for Eritrea to gain its timely independence. Nevertheless, the Eritreans remained resolute, steadfast, and persevered for more than 40 years to gain international recognition.

It was on May 24, 1991, that Eritrea surprised the world community and wrested its independence from the fangs of Ethiopian colonialism. Hence, the UN accepted Eritrea in 1993 as a new nation. These experiences make the Eritreans suspicious of the positions of the UN and its agencies.

From time to time, the UNSC has been issuing weak resolutions for too long. It is time to act. The international body, whose mission is to respect and implement all of its treaties that were agreed upon, must show its integrity and order Ethiopia to accept without any equivocation the Border Commission's Decision and let the demarcation border start and see it implemented. There is no need to dangle, limp, waver, and vacillate on the scale of justice.

It has been declared many times, "justice delayed is justice denied." The Eritreans know and understand the UN Secretary General and the UNSC are blocking the doors of implementation. It is not Eritrea that is the main obstacle. Eritrea believes it is the UNSC and the Secretary General who have spoiled the brat of the Horn of Africa, Meles Zenawi, and made him poke his fingers at the eyes of the UN.

As it was indicated earlier, the office of the Secretary General is not a neutral office for Eritrea. It is obvious the Secretary General has no good office to show impartiality. Eritrea knows that it has no room or space in his office. Dialogue with Ethiopia and normalization of relations will not work without the implementation of the demarcation of the border. First and as a priority, if the UNSG and UNSC are interested in letting Eritrea open dialogue with Ethiopia, let them resolve the demarcation of the border! That should be their priority! Anything else is a false notion of peace.

It should be known that Ethiopian unity must not be maintained at the expense of Eritrean unity, territorial integrity, and national rights. Ethiopia needs to be advised in clearer terms that Eritrean sovereignty is not for sale. Eritrea appreciates, cherishes, and protects its independence. Eritrean seaports, Massawa and Aseb, are not for grabs. Eritrea will not allow Ethiopia to use its seaports without applying the laws of International Maritime Convention.

The UNSG and the UNSC as well as other nations need to realize that Ethiopia must not be given the green light to act indecently and hold the demarcation a hostage. Ethiopia should not be given any preferential treatment by the Secretary General and the UNSC. The UNSG and UNSC should not conceal the truth that Ethiopia is the only party that has refused to accept the verdict. It is important to note that the UNSC should not commit an act of violence by concealing the truth. The Decision is final and banding.

It must be known that Eritrea emphasizes unity in diversity, while Ethiopia stresses ethnic division and animosity. Thus, there is a stark difference in the political structure of the two governments. Eritrea is for peace. Ethiopia is against peace. Eritrea accepts the rule of law. Ethiopia abides by the law of the jungle. Unfortunately, the UNSG and the UNSC are accomplices in this lawlessness and denial of justice. It is time for the UNSG and the UNSC to wake up and see the difference between good and evil, light and darkness, peace and turmoil, justice and injustice.

Therefore, as Shakti Gawain has stated, “The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be …. “