By: Sam Abrams
November 29, 2004

This message is for those who are RUSHING to accept the so called "Peace Initiative" of Meles Zenawi.

Here is the answer he gave when asked whether there could be demarcation soon. He said it to foreign diplomats residing in Addis Ababa.

"Asked whether there could be demarcation processes soon, the Premier said Ethiopia would consider the possibility of demarcation only on border areas on which there are no disputes."   This is the evidence that PROVES that the TPLF prime minister has not unequivocally accepted the Boarder Commission's final and binding decision.   WHAT ELSE DO YOU GUYS WANT TO PROVE THAT THE SO CALLED "Peace Initiative" is a public relations stunt to buy time?   HERE BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL TEXT FROM WALTA [THE WOYANE WEBSITE]

Meles says new initiative promotes peace across region

Addis Ababa, November 27,2004 (WIC)- Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said the overriding objective of the New Peace Initiative of Ethiopia to resolve the border dispute with Eritrea is not only to ensure peace between the two countries but also promote peace across the region.

During talks with resident diplomats in Addis Ababa yesterday, Prime Minister Meles said having recognized that the peace process has been stalled in effect to a dead lock, Ethiopia has found it appropriate to come up with a creative peace initiative in view of trying to unlock the dead lock and ensure peace between the two countries and the neighborhood.

Having recognized the fact that the stalemate was unlikely to be broken from Eritrea, and after reviewing the peace proposals initiated by the Secretary General of the United Nations, the current Chairperson of the African Union as well as the South African government and various other proposals, the government of Ethiopia reached to the decision that there is no time to procrastinate the process.

Asked why the timing of the decision coincided with the election period, the Premier said it was decided after long consultations within the government. The peace process is more important than the specific outcome of the election, Meles added.

Elaborating on the concept of Ethiopia?s acceptance in principle of the decision of the Border Commission, Melesa said as far as Ethiopia was concerned the decision was unjust and unacceptable. He further said in accepting the decision in principle, Ethiopia agrees to accept it hoping the decision would be a basis for the furtherance of the process.

According to Melesa, politically what acceptance in principle means is, Ethiopia is coming down from high moral position of refusing what it believed is illegal into a less moralistic and more pragmatic position of accepting the decision.

Asked whether there could be demarcation processes soon, the Premier said Ethiopia would consider the possibility of demarcation only on border areas on which there are no disputes.

Asked what is expected of the international community Melesa said that they should welcome the initiative and provide opportunities for dialogue as initial steps.

Melesa assured the ambassadors that with the right frame of mind and environment created, the peace initiative and the act of give and take negotiations would resolve the problem.

Ambassadors' Dean, Osman El Seid finally welcomed the five-point peace initiative and lauded Ethiopia's relentless effort exerted towards ensuring peace between the two countries and across the region