UN Secretary General worried by “provocative” Military build-up
By: Sam B.
March 10, 2005

In a report to the United Nations Security Council dated 7 March 2005, UN General Secretary Kofi Annan repeatedly expressed concern over provocative Ethiopian Military build up along its boarders with Eritrea. The Secretary General is “ concerned about a possible rise in tensions along the border in view of the build-up” of the Ethiopian Military, “as well as the training of Ethiopian troops in the adjacent areas south of the Temporary Security Zone and Ethiopian troop movements in Sector West.”

The Secretary General appealed “ to the Government of Ethiopia to redeploy its troops away from the vicinity of the southern boundary of the Zone,”

Prior appeals by the Secretary General, EU and the international community have fallen on deaf ears. In absolving Eritrea, the report confirmed that there was no military build up on the Eritrean side.

In the same report the Boundary Commission mandated to delaminate and demarcate the Eritrean Ethiopian boarders has also accused Ethiopia of continually “obstructing” its efforts to carry out its mandate.

The Boundary Commission confirmed, “Ethiopia is not prepared to allow demarcation to continue in the manner laid down in the demarcation directions.” The Commission also added, in spite of Ethiopia’s insistence for “dialogue” it “has rejected the opportunity for such dialogue “.

The Secretary General report added “in assessment of the Commission, this is the latest in a series of obstructive actions taken since the summer of 2002, which belies the frequently professed acceptance by Ethiopia of the delimitation decision. “

“The Commission concludes its report by stating that the line of the boundary was legally and finally determined by its delimitation decision of 13 April 2002. Though undemarcated, the Commission reports this line is binding upon both parties, subject only, unless the parties agree otherwise, to the minor qualifications expressed in the delimitation decision.”