UN Accused Ethiopia of Rejecting Dialogue
By: Sam B.
March 10, 2005

In a damning report the UN accused Ethiopia of obstruction and duplicity. According to the UN despite Ethiopia’s Prime Minister recent pronouncements that “dialogue” is the only way to solve its boarder impasse with Eritrea, Ethiopia has “rejected the opportunity for dialogue.”

A United Nations Security Council Report dated 7 March 2005 exposed Ethiopia’s duplicity. The report states that Ethiopia “ now insists on prior dialogue, but has rejected the opportunity for such dialogue within the framework of the demarcation process.”

Moreover, the report discredits Ethiopia’s apparent “acceptance” of the Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commission decision. It also went on to expose the “obstructive actions” Ethiopia has been “taking since the summer of 2002” to impede its efforts. The Boundary Commission repeated that, “this is the latest in a series of obstructive actions taken since the summer of 2002, which belies the frequently professed acceptance by Ethiopia.”

The report reiterated that its 13 April 2002 decision has invariably delaminated the Eritrean and Ethiopian boarders. “The Commission concludes its report by stating that the line of the boundary was legally and finally determined by its delimitation decision of 13 April 2002.Though undemarcated, the Commission reports this line is binding upon both parties….”