Ethiopian Foreign Minister's Derision of the Rule of Law
By: Sammy G.
October 9, 2004  

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin makes another shameless speech at the 59th session of the UN General Assembly. The tiptoeing, dishonest and deceitful Seyoum says:

"Achieving peace and implementing the demarcation of the common boundary between the two countries is primarily the responsibility of Ethiopia and Eritrea."

The absurdity of such a remark is only lost in the Foreign Minister's imagination. Yet in his typical act of reversal, Mr. Seyoum later explains why Ethiopia and Eritrea are unable to achieve peace on their own. "The final and binding verdict not withstanding", says Mr. Seyoum, "all fair minded people cannot forget what happened in May 1998 and until May 2000."

Yes, Mr. Seyoum, and that is precisely why it is no longer the "primary responsibility of Ethiopia and Eritrea" to implement the demarcation. A golden opportunity was squandered when your genocidal, apartheid, minority, TPLF regime in Ethiopia used Badme as a pretext to crush Eritrea. That is precisely why.

Even now, such an enormous acts of war crimes is not enough to satisfy the minority regime's anti-peace agenda. The regime unequivocally rejected an internationally arbitrated 'final and binding' decision. And that is why Foreign Minister Seyoum is rationalizing his regime's heinous mortal and legal crimes at the 59th session of the UN. But nothing can change the facts. Not even a Foreign Minister's wandering and putting an incredible show at the UN by dancing around a strictly legal case.

Mr. Seyoum is not ashamed to add, however, that the only way to peace and demarcation of the common boundary is not the rule of law. "Under these circumstances", he states, "Ethiopia has felt that there is only one rational way out of this impasse-- dialogue."

But Mr. Seyoum, how about a Peace Agreement, one drafted and brokered by the United States, the European Union, the African Union and Algeria in December 2000? How about a final and binding legal verdict for a "rational way out of this impasse"?

It's not surprising to witness such repeated mockeries of justice by the Foreign Minister. Simply, Ethiopia is increasingly emboldened by the lack of action from UN Security Council. As a result, Ethiopia's disrespect for international rule of law remains the single reason why the demarcation of the common boundary and meaningful peace is not achieved.

And unfortunately, a dangerous climate of imminent war is hovering in the skies of the common border. Such an outcome will not only devastate to entire region, but it will also send a clear signal to the world why the UN is a failure.