Premier Meles’ statement regarding Badme opens the way for another war: Egyptian academician
By: Shabait staff
June 4, 2004

Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Wefa, lecturer at the University of Cairo, said that Ethiopian Premier Meles Zeinawi’s statement “We will stay in Badme, unless driven out by force.” constitutes not only the violation of the Agreement to which Ethiopia is signatory and impedes the implementation of the Boundary Commission’s ruling but also opens the way for another war in the region.

In an interview with Eri-TV Sat. Guests in Arabic program, Dr. Ahmed explained that as from his observation, since the very beginning, Ethiopia’s request for explanations about the clear and undisputed Boundary Commission’s decision is amazing. The Egyptian academician further noted that such pronouncements on the part of the Ethiopian Government are only pretexts and attempts to delay and block the implementation of the EEBC ruling.

Dr. Ahmed stated that as the Boundary Commission’s decision is based on pertinent colonial treaties and the two parties had agreed and signed to abide by the ruling, Ethiopia’s request to the Commission to show what it terms flexibility regarding the implementation of the EEBC’s final and binding ruling was rejected by the Boundary Commission. Furthermore, Dr. Ahmed noted that the response given to Ethiopia by the Commission mentions that the Ethiopian maps forwarded to the court indicate that Badme is located in sovereign Eritrean territory, thus implicitly attesting that Ethiopia had accepted that Badme lies inside Eritrea.

Moreover, Dr. Ahmed explained that Ethiopia’s rejection of the Boundary Commission’s ruling is the first of its kind in the history of an international body’s decisions as regards their acceptance. Hence, the international community and guarantors of the Algiers Peace Agreement are duty bound to exert the necessary efforts towards ensuring the implementation of the decision. He further stated that Eritrea’s position on the matter is on the right path and that it must stay on course. Dr. Ahmed said that sooner or later, the Boundary Commissions ruling will be implemented.