Securing Peace would mean victory for both peoples
By Shabait Staff
October 15, 2003

In the history of this world that we live in, only a limited few nations and their people have suffered the pains of endless chains of war and bloodshed and withstood its consequences as much as the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Valuable time and resources have been exhausted in vain by the peoples of the two countries due to the poor leadership of Ethiopian rulers characterized by backwardness, narrow-mindedness and an annoying indifference towards the populace. A further absence of peace and stability in neighboring countries has also left the Horn of Africa region among regions of the world most deprived of any rays of development and civilization.

With the realization of national sovereignty, the deep aspirations of the people of Eritrea had focused on laying the groundwork for a new and modern stage to transform the region into a venue for development and joint cooperation among the peoples of this region and by stamping out an era of close to 50 years of instability and recurring wars. Needless to say, these aspirations are also cherished by all the peoples of this region.

In giving utmost attention to the true ambitions of the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia and other neighboring countries, among the major tasks undertaken by the Government of Eritrea in its foreign policy is the guaranteeing of peace and security and the promotion of joint cooperation and good neighborliness. The Government of Eritrea has been employing all possible efforts for these goals to bear fruit. The good will and eagerness of the people and government of Eritrea, however, was not matched by the short-sighted Ethiopian regime, which remains engaged in pursuing a vicious policy of ethnic discrimination rather than addressing public interests.

Although Eritrea’s show of eagerness for living in harmony with its neighbors and jointly moving forward towards development had not been paralleled by the TPLF clique, this path is the only guarantee there is for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia to pursue if they are to secure peace and development. People from a common geographical region are bound to share common interests and vision, which leaves neighboring countries with no other options but to live together in peace and tranquility. It is not a matter of choice. No one can ever break this historical and geographical bond.

The peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia should therefore draw on their longstanding ties as the foundation for harmony and cooperation if the two peoples are to close the chapter on the gloomy history previously lived, and make way for a fresh start. The people of Ethiopia have come to practically understand by now that no profit can be gained from pursuing a war that is not in the interests of anyone but an elitist group or individuals. The only outcomes of war would be destruction and massacres.

Neighborliness of peoples and nations is a permanent condition. Nations are bound to be neighbors by their naturally geographical settings, leaving them with no choice whatsoever but to respect the natural bond. To bypass such an inevitable fact and try to induce feelings of hatred and resentment among neighboring states destined to live together for eternity is nothing but a sheer act of historical irresponsibility. The Government of Eritrea’s relentless call for peace when the Ethiopian regime itched for war in 1998, therefore, stems from its consciousness of the profound responsibility bestowed on governments.

The people of Ethiopia are also not a people that need to be told that there are no profits to be reaped from war and destruction. The people of Ethiopia are a living witness. Expectations have hence been placed on the people of Ethiopia to give their full support to the far-sighted, peaceful and legal stand of the people and government of Eritrea and its mature outlook and perception in the best interests of the two peoples. Boundaries among neighboring states are changing into meaningless lines in this era as the peoples of neighboring countries jointly stride towards coordinated efforts in attaining common interests. In such an era of regional cooperation and promotion of common goals, it would be far beyond meaningless for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia to remain submerged in wars and destruction.