TPLF and Khartoum regimes: An alliance of unfriendly and terrorist entities
By: Shabait Staff
June 17, 2004

The strategy of the Khartoum terrorist regime is based on the philosophy of exporting its terrorist agenda beyond its territorial boundary through organizing groups that are active in terrorist acts.

This is evident from the agendas that were presented in the seminars convened in Manchia, Khartoum, the Hall of Prince Osman Dighna, Kassala, Kafra Park, Sada Sharoub as well as meetings in Khartoum North (Bahri). Among the personalities who participated in those seminars were: Shiek Al-Housien, Osma Bin Laden, Rashid Al-Ghanoushi, Khalid Bilal, Ayman Al-Zawhri, etc...

These meetings came out with what they termed “The Islamic Civilization Project” which represents the actual beginning for establishing and founding international terrorist action.

1- Strategy of the NIF terrorist regime Planning for demolishing and unlodging the ‘New World Order’ even if this necessitates spreading terrorism and taking hostile measures.

2- Structuralization and Priority

3- Establishing branches for the terrorist groups
All the organized moves of these groups are undertaken under the umbrella and with the support of the Khartoum terrorist regime. It has been decided that the campaigns should be intensified at the following bureaus:

4- The Khartoum regime’s priorities of terrorist operations
It targets the strengthening of terrorist groups in Africa in general and the African Horn region in particular, as well as publicizing the culture of change in other countries and particularly overthrowing the Eritrean government even it is necessary to carry out and launch military operations and waging organized attacks. In addition, it provides all the necessary support and facilities for the groups’ moves and providing them with diplomatic immunity for making Eritrea a bridgehead for acts of hostility and for launching a quick offensive in all the states of the African Horn, and then shift to the states of Central Africa, thus bringing all these states under the hegemony and total domination of the Khartoum fundamentalist terrorist regime.