TPLF regime has to take lessons from the experience of its predecessors
By: Shabait Staff
June 15, 2004

After its massive offensives and ambitious military strategy designed to subjugate the Eritrean people were quashed and after losing its case in the court of law, the TPLF regime’s next move was trying to form an unholy alliance with neighboring countries and continue with its agenda and attempts of subjugating Eritrea. This feeble attempt was one more desperate act of the regime. The unholy alliance was meant to:
1. Alienate Eritrea in the region.
2. Break off Eritrea’s economic and trade ties with neighboring countries. Weaken the Eritrean economy and inciting the Eritrean people against their government.
3. Defame Eritrea in diplomatic circles alleging that it is a ‘belligerent’ nation and is ‘disturbing’ the peace of the region.
4. Bring together losers from Eritrea’s political past and patch up so-called opposition groups and also carry out terrorist attacks using terrorists of neighboring countries as a spring board for the act of terrorism with the objective of destabilizing Eritrea’s peace and development programs.
5. Make the resolute Eritrean people lose heart and give in to the TPLF regime’s agenda of subjugating them.

The alliance, however, was still born, as it was difficult for the TPLF regime to bring around sovereign nations with their own political and diplomatic strategies for its own interests.

Only the Sudanese regime falls to the trap of the TPLF because:
1. The regime’s paranoia which makes it overestimate TPLF military might and its belief that the Eritrean people‘could not’ withstand large scale TPLF offensive.
2. The Khartoum regime’s misconception of Eritrea’s constructive efforts of bringing about a peaceful political solution to the Sudanese problem as a ‘conspiracy’ to weaken the regime.

Based on this, the Sudanese regime chose to serve the interest of the TPLF. Nonetheless, the TPLF regime’s large-scale offensives were foiled by the steadfast resistance of the Eritrean people. And the internal problems of Sudan were not solved either through the regime’s involvement in the unholy alliance.
The TPLF regime misses the point that pressing in all sorts of intrigues brings no resolution to a conflict but rather opting for a legal and just solution.