TPLF regime’s Change of Tone and Entreaties are Inadmissible
By: Shabait Staff
January 29, 2004

Observers closely following the invading TPLF regime’s statements and announcements these days would notice a change of tone from that of defiance and intransigence to a language of entreating after it faced a strong political, diplomatic and legal slap. In addition, the regime is being exposed to various internal and external pressures pushing it to the edge of the abyss. In other words, the TPLF regime is attempting to change its skin though this attempt of keeping a low profile and imploring can not be accepted by the people of both Eritrea and Ethiopia. It remains an obvious ploy. Although imposing the domination of one ethnic group and suppressing and coercing other nationalities has been the general administrative conduct and political trend resorted to by all rulers of Ethiopia for protecting their authority and lengthening their stay in power for the possible period. However, this backward and primitive type of rule, elevated to official political philosophy has been institutionalized in the era of TPLF rule. The TPLF leaders, whose mentality is traumatized and suffering from ethnic hatred, engineered a political philosophy with the purpose of a vendetta and taking vengeance by pitting the Ethiopian nationalities against one another under the guise of a federal system.

The negative impacts of the policy of hatred and mischief adopted by the TPLF leaders are not, however, limited to the Ethiopian people, but in fact made to affect the people of all the neighboring countries. This evil policy of the TPLF regime caused immeasurable harm and suffering. All fell victim to the conspiracies and narrow interests of this evil group.

There is a famous adage that says: “You reap what you have sown”. In this respect, the TPLF leaders before long are standing the judgment of all people against whom they conspired and inflicted damage. They are reaping the fruit of their evil at the edge of the abyss.

The TPLF leaders are trying to avoid falling in the pit by shedding crocodile tears after immersing and drowning Ethiopia in the stagnant marshes of tribalism. At present, the TPLF regime, which tried to strike a wedge among the peoples of neighboring countries by inciting ethnic hatred and having inflicted huge damage on the people of the region, is making futile attempts to manifest and pretend concern for good neighborliness and fraternal bonds among people of the region. This is certainly a ploy and clear act of deception.