TPLF regime’s Fraudulent Reconciliation Bid
By: Shabait Staff
February 12, 2004

Our enemies rained on us tremendous amount of fire and bullets and launched aggression after aggression. But we resisted and Won. When they found out that fire and bullets were useless against us, they tried to sabotage our impenetrable unity and invincible tradition of resistance in various ways. Likewise, they failed. After the use of extreme force, violence and sabotage designed to bow, intimidate, break, disperse and annihilate them, our people came out victorious and more powerful. Hence, our enemies have now devised new plots against us.

The Eritrean people are well aware that although our historical enemies may change their direction and style of intrigue and treachery, their goal remains one and the same. As a result, our people are not confused that this is a new tune played by the TPLF regime after all other repeated means to achieve its racist and aggressive plans have utterly failed. For those naïve enough parties who may knowingly or unknowingly be confused or feel sympathy for this patronizing, it is necessary to remind them the following fable from Aesop about the conciliation between the sheep and wolves. Once upon a time, a fight arose between the sheep and wolves. The sheep had powerful dogs as guardians and successfully beat the wolves. Then, the wolves devised a plot. They sent a messenger to the sheep and said: “We want reconciliation with you. We have decided to live in peace and harmony with you. So, in order to guarantee our conciliation, give us your dogs.” The sheep, being overly eager for conciliation, accepted this unrealistic hope, trusted the wolves’ idea of conciliation and surrendered their dogs. We can guess what ensued later.

After their futile attempt to bend us using huge weaponry and military might failed and their ambitions were frustrated, our enemies have devised a new tactic similar to the aforementioned fable concerning the wolves’ conciliation. Eritrea’s sovereignty has been unchallenged because its people’s resistance has been unyielding. The enemy’s expansionist plans have not succeeded. Thus, it is not surprising that our enemies have changed their tune and are now dishing out saint’s promises and plotting a conciliation of the wicked. Their dream seems to be: Let us fool this steadfast people who have resolutely defended their nation and territory with false promises and annihilate them piece by piece. This is a hopeless dream indeed!

Our enemies believe that the Eritrean people are of a forgiving nature, innocent and that they can fool them by changing their tune. This is not the first time such ideas have been entertained. Referring to history, we observe that Ethiopian feudal lords used the same tactic. When faced with powerful Eritrean resistance, they used pledges and reconciliation based on intrigue and treachery. Although the means differed, their goal had always been expansion and appropriation of Eritrean territory.

The Eritrean people are indeed peace loving and forgiving. Past history, especially the post-independence events illustrate that Eritreans are neither spiteful nor vindictive. This can be confirmed by the fact that in their relations with Ethiopia, the Eritrean people strove hard to promote good neighborliness. Even now, the Eritrean people are ready to welcome all good intentions of benevolent neighborliness. On the other hand, the Eritrean people want to remind those with evil intentions of deception that they can handle them on the basis of the saying: “Evil shall be unveiled and treachery exposed.”