TPLF Regimeís Rejection of the EEBC Decision Open Call for War
By: Shabait Staff
December 18, 2003

Directly after the declaration of the EEBC decision, the TPLF regime blew its victory trumpets and made much fanfare announcing that the Boundary Commission had issued itís just and fair decision, and that it awarded more than the regime had dreamt of. The regime publicized this in its official mass media. However, shortly in a contradictory step to its announced to this effect, the same regime declared its disassociation and reneged on its obligations to honour the Commissionís a final and binding ruling. It employed in this act all kinds of deceit and pretexts.

In its outright arrogance, the TPLF regime went to extremes and excesses when it declared that it no longer recognizes the legality of the EEBC. In the same line, it called on the UN Security Council to abrogate and nullify the Algiers Peace Agreement and replace the EEBC by another. Here, the regime tends to forget and ignore that the Security Council and representatives of the world community and other international guarantors who signed the Algiers Agreement have no right to cancel the EEBC or look for another mechanism that realizes the illusions and dreams of the TPLF regime.

We are following with great regret these days the regimeís heated and craving diplomatic campaigns to try to appear in the disguise of desiring peace through raising the slogan of so-called open-ended dialogue and also as concerned for the security and stability of the region, pretending to deny that its arrogant policy still remains beating the war drums. However, it is not unusual for this regime to profess falsely certain human values with which it has no ties, in the belief that deceit and evasive tactics can deceive all. In this respect, the regimeís hidden agenda vividly came out into the open.

How can a party occupying the territory of the other ask it for dialogue? By what logic? And to start dialogue on what, why and until when? It is extremely odd for the TPLF regime to call for dialogue so naively, oblivious of the fact that the regime itself is the party that threw the EEBC decision in its wastebasket, and that it is the same party that is insisting to continue its occupation of the sovereign territory of the other side. The call for such a dialogue is tantamount to a clear declaration of war. There is no other interpretation to it.

The futile attempts of the invading TPLF regime to give legitimacy to its invasion of Eritrea represent another face of its arrogance. Its message amounts to either dialogue or war. It has no other meaning. Either of the two options surely means entering into a vicious circle of wars.

The atmosphere the regime is trying to create on the ground is a clear intimidations to again ignite war. However, attaining peace and stability in the region and enabling the two peoples to enjoy both can only be achieved through the implementation of the final and binding EEBC ruling. Any attempt to violate this decision in letter and spirit mean war itself. If there are some lessons learnt at all TPLF regime from its previous wars, it is that the option of war is not in its favour, and that ultimately there is no escape from succumbing to the EEBC final and binding decision.