Truthful Diplomatic Tours Versus TPLF’s New Futile Maneuvers
December 4, 2003

During their respective tours in the last few days, the Eritrean delegations exposed the TPLF regime’s anti- peace stand and misrepresentation of facts in its bid to obstruct and hinder the implementation of the EEBC Delimitation decision. These diplomatic tours succeeded in laying bare the regime’s new maneuvers before the officials of States, international organizations and parties. These had been successful diplomatic contacts by all measurements.

The TPLF regime’s new attempts in beginning and entreating others to enable it to conduct negotiations with the Eritrean Government, as it professes, demonstrate the regime’s military, political, and legal defeats as well as its futile endeavors to escape the grip of the EEBC Decision and deviate the commission’s final and binding ruling from its legal course. All these attempts represent lame diplomatic maneuvers on the part TPLF regime. The regime, is trying, however, to hang its dreams this time on the thin thread of attempting to put on false trappings of peace, and by affecting having the desire for peace and raising hypocritically the slogan of love for others. These are all fake pretences for wining diplomatic sympathy. In doing so, the TPLF seems to be forgetful of the fact that this type of policy maneuvers can no longer deceive anyone.

These new maneuvers, nonetheless, are part of the TPLF regime’s delaying and desperate tactics regarding the EEBC’s ruling. The regime can not openly declare and admit that its real intent and objective from the talks which it is dreaming to conduct is for terminating the Boundary Commission’s ruling because it is aware that it is final and binding. And as the international community had endorsed the Algiers Agreement, the EEBC decision has to be implemented because if it is not implemented it would mean violating international laws and norms. What remains at the moment is the speedy implementation of the decision and taking of practical steps against the party obstructing.

If the TPLF regime at all wishes normalization of relations with Eritrea, this could only be done after the full implementation of the EEBC decisions on the ground.

But what are the real intents and objectives of the TPLF regime in attempting to conduct talks with Eritrea at the present moment? The answer to this question does not differ from the uncertainty that shrouds the currents position and fate of the TPLF regime and its future due to the confused and disarrayed policies it pursues.

Not only this. Perplexity is engulfing those whom the regime entreated and begged for realizing its new dreams- the dreams of negotiation. As President Isaias Afwerki explained in his meeting with the current Chairman of the African Union and the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al- Khadafi, the TPLF regime’s new diplomatic game of deception will remain fruitless. In addition, these new dreams of the regime reveal the falsehood of its diplomatic campaign in the international arena.

Surely, a bitter diplomatic defeat is awaiting the TPLF regime in the magnitude of the political, military, and legal defeats which is suffered earlier. Until the regime exhausts all its diplomatic maneuvers, the Eritrean diplomacy will continue, presenting facts and realties to the international community. In this respect, it will unrelentingly expose the falsifications and deceitful tactics of the TPLF regime.