Another Staggering Blow to Aggressors and Invaders
By: Shabait Staff
May 4, 2004

The TPLF regime launched its war of aggression against Eritrea on the pretext of border conflict believing that its intrigues and deception will be forgotten once its illusive dream of victory was realized. Its dream, however, turned out to be a nightmare of humiliating defeat. Having its military adventurism thus squashed, the regime was forced into accepting legal resolution for the conflict. And in the court of law not only was its evil plot for starting the conflict uncovered but also its claims of land belonging to Eritrea rejected.

Now once again the regime has been dealt with a severe blow. The Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission recently made a decision awarding Eritrea claims of damage in the central front of the border. The TPLF regime is held responsible for the destruction of the townships of Senafe, Tsorona and Serha, as well as for looting residences and businesses in these towns and for the detonation of buildings, patriots’ cemetery and ancient heritages, besides the raping of women residing in the area.

Although the TPLF regime made futile efforts to deny having committed these criminal acts and accused Eritrea of what it calls ‘bombing civilians areas,’ the Commission upholding its decision regarding Eritrean claims made on the basis of detailed evidences and testimonies above the Ethiopian regime’s evil deeds and its violation of the Geneva Convention, rejected TPLF accusations which totally lacked any evidence.

The decision has exposed the barbaric acts of the TPLF regime and its violation of international humanitarian law. And this is only the beginning. In the coming year, the Commission will deal with other claims including the damage caused by military operations in the western zone, violation of diplomatic immunity, and economic losses like the cases of pension. These will reveal even more the TPLF regime’s acts of barbarism. Had the regime in Addis been accountable to the Ethiopian people, it would have been thrown out of power for all its crimes by now. That, however, is not yet the case ,Ethiopia being under the racist and oppressive rule of the regime.

All these show that truth and justice can never be silenced by force where there is popular resistance. The people and Government of Eritrea have not only succeeded in foiling expansionist invasions but also uncovering inhuman acts against Eritrea. The decision of the Claims Commission is the result of the just resistance and resilience of the Eritrean people and their leadership. Still, the TPLF regime is trying to run away from the implementation of the Boundary Commission’s ruling. The laxity on the part of the international community in its mandate to implement the EEBC verdict has allowed the TPLF regime to maneuver for the time being. However, since no one can stand against the just resistance of the people, no matter the obstacles posed by the regime, ultimately the ruling has to be implemented.