Camouflage and Makeup cannot cover up the TPLF’s Real Character
By: Shabait Staff
February 3, 2004

One of the typical characteristics of the TPLF regime is its pretentious, nature posturing and claiming excellence in its political dealings and outlooks as well as in the regime’s propaganda philosophy. In this context, the TPLF leaders and cadres claim total knowledge even in their dealings with those providing them with military training and expertise in military operations.

Regardless of the background and dimensions of this ungrateful conduct, the TPLF leaders amply deserve the certificate of imitating and stealing other people’s ideas and thoughts and then allege the originality of their imitated conduct and stolen ideas, thus claiming being civilized and progressive. This is plagiarism in its stark form.

For those closely observing the state of affairs, its background and history, they do not need to make an effort to interpret the group’s current behavior. The whole matter goes back to this group’s feeling of inferiority complex despite its attempt to camouflage it in new styles and veils.

Surely, the TPLF is living in a state of psychological conflict because of the contradiction between what it is raising in the form of slogans to appear with a civilized mask, and what it is practicing on the ground - tribalism and narrow ethnic and racist policies.

After the fall of the Derg regime in 1991 and the TPLF’s assumption of power in Addis Ababa, it propagated the adoption of a federal system for the country. It even stated this in its constitution as a cover for carrying out its hidden agenda, professing and pretending its political open mindedness. From its narrow ethnic and tribalist orientation, the TPLF approved the right of secession with the objective of mutilating Ethiopia’s unity through ethnic and clannish methods, and at the same time boasting that such a policy is dictated by the spirit of modernism, it cited other pretexts in this respect.

However, the real character of the TPLF remains intact under makeup powders.

The coming period would no doubt expose more and more of the TPLF’s real character before the Ethiopian people and the world at large. In essence, the regime remains grudged and deceptive. It is responsible for involving the Ethiopian people in civil wars and for starting wars with Ethiopian’s neighbors. As a result, the people of Ethiopia suffered greatly.

At present, the TPLF is trying to come out of its political quagmire, ebbing morale and unfounded dreams by pretending a desire for peace. In this respect, it is pretending to embrace neighboring peoples’ interests, and appears as an advocate of peace and concern for regional issues.

From historical experience, we know that all regimes that adopted Machiavellianism as a guiding political philosophy employed deception and hypocrisy as a means for safeguarding their narrow interests. But obviously people cannot be ruled by the policy of deception and lying. These immoral methods would ultimately be exposed and foiled.