Diplomatic Achievements Based on Steadfastness in Principles and Objectives
By: Shabait Staff
December 17, 2004

The Government of Eritrea's foreign relations policy of peace and non-alignment is based on an independence of political line and permanence of national interests. Thus, it aims at creating conducive environment that fosters relations, starting with neighboring countries and extending to all peoples and countries of our globe, based on the principles of universal brotherhood, equality, peace and mutual respect.

From the beginning, the Government of Eritrea realized that these cherished objectives cannot be achieved through indecisive political position that constantly changes with shifting winds, compromises on the core values of the people and the country, and is dependent on short-term interests and charity. The only way to reach our cherished vision and objectives is by following a clear and correct political line that is not shortsighted and limited by temporary setbacks, but rather looks far ahead into the horizon towards permanent interests that ensure the prosperity and well-being of the nation. Consequently, the Government of Eritrea chose, from the outset, to follow a proven path of steadfastness and substance in its diplomatic policy, rather than one that focuses on form and fanfare. At that time, many na´ve observers may have thought that such a path was imprudent and impractical. However, we are able to witness now the fruits of that correct and mature policy in concrete terms. Eritrea's diplomatic successes that were manifested in various forms in the past weeks are some examples that prove the long-term benefits of such a policy.

Eritrea was not intimidated by temporary setbacks and the hostile diplomatic maneuvers of some quarters into succumbing and compromising on its core values and independent political line. Due to this steadfastness on principles, we are able to witness now others join Eritrea in its correct course, while all attempts aimed to derailing us from our track are crumbling into dust. It is very clear that after a short period of additional patience and perseverance we will reach a solid political ground and sound economic liberation, vindicating the correctness and success of the far-sighted political line and foreign policy we have followed all along.