The lawbreaker and justice are like water and oil
By: Shabait Staff
March 4, 2005

The Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) had invited both Eritrea and Ethiopia to attend a meeting in London on February 22, 2005. Unfortunately, the EEBC's proposal for a meeting failed to materialize due to the rejection by the TPLF minority regime of Ethiopia. Such rejection is in continuation of the Addis Ababa regime's consistent defiance of international law and the civilized norms of the international community, and its adventuresome frolicking on the road of lawlessness. This, however, comes as no surprise to Eritrea, as the lawbreaker and justice are like water and oil that do not mix, and it is expected for the violator of the law to stay as far away as possible from truth and justice.

It is to be remembered that the Addis Ababa regime, in an attempt to bury truth with the logic of force, instigated its large-scale invasion of Eritrea. To further this goal, the barbaric TPLF regime used warmongering propaganda inciting ethnic hatred that is far removed from ethical conduct, in order to goad the Ethiopian youth to burn in the flames of war. At a time when the international community was sparing no efforts to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner when it first erupted, the leaders of the minority TPLF regime in Ethiopia were using foul language on any party that called for sanity and peace to prevail. This was a ploy favored by the regime to cloud the issue and prevent the truth from emerging. All such attempts, however, could not prevent the truth from finally manifesting itself. In the end, the logic of force used by the Ethiopian regime failed completely.

When the regime was finally brought before the arbitration court at The Hague, its utter nakedness was exposed for all to see. However, even after the EEBC rendered its "final and binding" ruling on April 13, 2002, the regime's futile attempts to escape from truth and justice did not cease. Contemptuously dismissing the mandate of the international community in general, and the UN mission and the august international court at The Hague, in particular, the Addis Ababa regime officially rejected the final and binding ruling of the EEBC, thereby obstructing demarcation from taking place, and is currently adhering stubbornly to its path of lawlessness.

Rejection of the law and intimidation are in the nature of lawbreakers to evade truth and justice and to cover up their violations of the law. Thus, the TPLF regime's refusal of the proposed London meeting comes as no surprise, as it is one in the long list of its futile attempts at evasion of justice. What is surprising, however, is that the international community, the UN, and the guarantors of the Algiers Peace Agreement, who have been much maligned and treated with disrespect by the Addis Ababa regime, have been so far reluctant to carry out their mandate that the Algiers Agreements confers on them, and to see to it that the law is respected and the TPLF regime reined in to abide by the rule of law.