There Are No People Who Love Wars and Warmongering
By Shabait Staff
October 24, 2003

The TPLF (Woyane) regime in Ethiopia in its attempt to cover up its crimes and foolish acts and for trying to win the sympathy of others always resorts to permanent intimidation and threat of igniting another war. Towards this end it is intensifying its propaganda, media and diplomatic activities. Here, it tends to forget that it lost on both the war and legal fronts with Eritrea.

It acts as if the Ethiopian people are non-existent and are isolated from independent sources of information, are not following the pace of events, and are without judgment and rational thinking. The regime alleges in this context that the Ethiopian peoples are the ones who are rejecting the Boundary Commission’s ruling that Badme and environs are Eritrean, and that they are calling for war. In addition, the Woyane leaders say that their acceptance of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) decision “would mean igniting civil war in Ethiopia (!) and this inevitably leads to instability in the whole region” and therefore their false logic goes to saying “Eritrea has to make some concessions!”

The regime’s baseless and strange logic raises legitimate questions: Is there any people in the world who speak so trivially about war with this simplicity and cross over for waging it valleys and mountains without any considerations for its grave consequences? Is there any nation ready for launching offensives upon itself and committing atrocities and massacres against its sons if it has not obtained Badme, which belongs to another people? What sort of clique of leaders which trifles war, combat and killing others for attempting to usurp the rights of others in flagrant violations of international law and norms and disassociating itself from its obligations which it signed to honour and comply with before the whole world? After all who has any interest and benefit in waging wars? Of course only a clique has such tendencies and interests.

For when the Woyane regime professes that the Ethiopian people rejects the decision of EEBC and are ready to wage a new war, we ask the regime whether it took permission from these peoples when it invaded Eritrea in 1998, and whether these peoples had demanded from it to invade Eritrea and to capture its sovereign territory of Bademe and environs? The regime should be asked: Did the Ethiopian peoples consent and agree to the regime’s taking by force youth from their homes and schools and dumping them in a ruthless war? The truth, however, is that Woyane was waging and pursuing the war of aggression against Eritrea pursuing its own narrow interests. It had never for once thought or considered the Ethiopian peoples interests. Therefore, it was Woyane’s own war though the Ethiopian peoples were compelled to pay its expensive costs and price i.e. losing their sons and dissipating their resources. This is a crime for which the Woyane regime should be held responsible.

It was obvious that the Woyane clique singed the Algiers Peace agreement only after all doors were closed in its face and seeing with its eyes the frustration of its hopes and the collapse of its army and armed gangs.

It has no good reason today to try to come up with a fake excuse under the guise of the Ethiopian peoples in seeking justifications for the catastrophes and disasters which were of its own doing. The talk about the rejection of the Ethiopian peoples to the EEBC award, and its threats of war are in themselves insults and humiliation to these peoples who tasted more than other peoples the bitter taste of wars during the ghastly periods of three consecutive regimes which brought them nothing but destruction and aggravating their poverty, backwardness and diseases. Surely these peoples are looking forward, as all others, for peace, development and for emancipation from the clutches of backwardness, ignorance and disease etc… These are noble humane objectives contrary to bloody wars, which lead to causing immeasurable damage, devastation and miseries.

The TPLF regime had committed many heinous crimes against the Ethiopian peoples. It has to seek forgiveness from these peoples for the atrocities perpetrated by its misrule, adventurism and aggressive policies as well as the barbarous acts committed by its cadres. As President Isaias Afwerki says: “He who deceives you one time he humiliates himself only, and the one who deceives you twice he insults you”! This should be pondered on and contemplated by these peoples and act accordingly.