No Way Out for the TPLF Regime from Its Deepening Crisis
By: Shabait Staff
December 16, 2003

There are many instances when aggressive and unjust wars are waged for escaping growing internal crises and out of miscalculations. A typical example was the war of aggression the TPLF regime waged against Eritrea. It was a war that came as a consequence of psychological and mental disorders of the leaders of the regime.

This crumbling and beleaguered regime which is soaked in sentiments of extreme racism pursued over the last 12 years of its rule narrow and selfish socio-economic policies and programs in a bid to secure and impose its domination and hegemony. However, its futile attempts and policies failed at all levels.

The evidence regarding this is that Ethiopia, which posses enough resources and economic potential, became during the TPLF rule a word correlated and associated with famine. People say: “As always in Ethiopia”! These repeated failures pushed the TPLF regime to a state of madness and extremism. What is worse, in a desperate attempt to come out of this crisis and exigency of its own making, the regime tried to consolidate its shaky rule at the expense of the Eritrean people who had been its friend and source of support. Nevertheless, the regime ungratefully reignited Eritrea’s wounds, which had started to heal after decades of suffering. It did this in a bid to stay in power and permanently tighten its control over the Ethiopian people and the region. All these were behind the TPLF regime’s unjustified and miscalculated adventurist invasion of Eritrea.

Thus, in a bid to get out of its dilemma, the regime fabricated numerous farcical dramas, which it thought would help it justify its adventures. In this context, the regime insinuated that Ethiopia is in a precarious state and situation that might lead to its disintegration. It shed crocodile tears in trying to win the sympathy of simple-minded people around the world.

The adverturist clique continued such a scheme for the last five years, only changing the wording and phrases, apparently deceiving and misleading many simple-minded persons. In the process it caused the outbreak of a senseless war that resulted in colossal human and material losses and destruction. It did this in an absurd escape from resolving peacefully and legally the conflict that it created with Eritrea. However, the TPLF regime reaped nothing from its adventures, increasingly sinking in deep and worse crises that would accelerate its total demise. Contrary to what it wished, the regime’s crises have deepened and multiplied. It lost all hope, and is presently attempting to evade and escape the implementation of the EEBC decision, which it had earlier signed in accordance with the Algiers Peace Agreement. This proves that the TPLF regime is in the grip of an inescapable crisis.

This racist regime is simply repeating its former ploys and undignified tricks saying: “Ethiopia will be torn apart”, “Ethiopia’s Prime Minister is living in a deep crisis. He cannot close his eyes to rest without sleeping pills etc.” There is nothing new in all this. They are but mere deceptive utterances known to all.

Anyone who has lost hope of rescuing himself would not hesitate in drowning the one who tries to save him. In this manner the TPLF regime is trying to pull down those who sympathize with it and eventually insult them by calling on them to resue it from its crisis at the expense of Eritrea’s people’s sovereignty and the rights of its people.

If this invading clique is burnt by the fire it started in pursuit of its selfish and narrow interests, this is its own problem and not the problem of others. Surely, it does not concern the Eritrean people in the least, as the matter is part of the TPLF deceit and ill will. In this respect, it should be clear even if some circles sympathized with the regime for different reasons that they cannot help it at the expense of the sovereignty and rights of the Eritrean people. Any sympathy at the cost of justice and fairness is no benevolence but injustice in the extreme.