Truth Outlives Lying and Deceit
By: Shabait Staff
December 11, 2003

In many aspects the Eritrean-Ethiopian peace process during the last five years demonstrates and proves the reality that the aggressors always resort to adventures for escaping paying their legal and equity dues. On the other hand, the party which is seeking justice and peace exerts strenuous and continuous efforts for winning its noble cause. Thus, the course of the peace process showed in clear terms the historical contradiction between the cause of justice and peace on one hand, and injustice and aggression on the other. Surely, this is an experience of international dimension that deserves study and contemplation.

The policy adopted by the invading TPLF regime while seeking to carry out by force its aggressive and expansionist designs and agenda depends on camouflage, avoiding sticking to law and giving its back to dialogue as well as repeating different kinds of pretexts and feeble justifications in addition to engaging dedicators in a vicious circle under the illusion that such a policy would lead to the despair of the world community, thus compelling it to ignore the issue.

In this context, when the peace project was put forth, the TPLF regime pretended at the beginning to accept it. However, only a short period elapsed when it came out with a statement to advance hostility and war sentiments i.e. “We fight while negotiating, and we negotiate while fighting.” It reneged its obligations and rejected the OAU peace plans which it initially accepted for some diplomatic gains. Then it started playing tricks of asking for so-called “clarifications and improvements” in the peace projects as delaying tactics and for gaining more time as well as undermining the efforts of the mediators and leading them to despair in order to stop their mission.

Contrary to the maneuvers and delaying tactics of the aggressors to escape law and justice, the party that is seeking justice is equipped with enjoys numerous capabilities and opportunities for exposing aggressors and deceivers in order to bring out the truth and vindicate justice. The people and Government of Eritrea treaded this path hoisting high and steadfastly the banner of truth and justice despite the obstacles put by the TPLF regime before the peace process.

As truth outlives lying and deception, our victory in the struggle against the invaders and aggressors had been proved by our past experiences. Obviously the conflict isn’t over yet. The invading TPLF regime which is now clinging to a straw in a bid to escape drowning is raising the slogan: “Let’s start dialogue.” However, it is being confronted by an organized and successful diplomatic campaign which is exposing its anti-peace stance and aggressive intents.

Hence, while the people and government of Eritrea are abiding by law which is tightening like a rope around the neck of the Woyane regime, the international community which should not be swayed or deceived by the maneuvers and bluffing of the TPLF regime, is called upon to exert utmost efforts to implement the Peace Agreement which it sponsored and signed. This is because as a hard fact of life justice and peace can only prevail through tireless efforts.