Premier Meles’ Strange Remarks
November 12, 2004

In a meeting with the German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi said that if given a choice between war and peace, he would rather opt for peace.

But how can Mr. Meles, who has been not only posing obstacles to the Eritrean-Ethiopian peace process but also openly rejecting the EEBC ruling, speak of peace? After all, the Ethiopian regime had violated the Algiers Peace Agreement and threatened war if the EEBC decision was not reversed.

The Ethiopian regime has been resettling thousands of Ethiopians in sovereign Eritrean territory, which it still occupies. Noting the grave consequence of such actions, the UN Security Council had called on Ethiopia to evacuate those illegal settlers. But the regime had not complied with this demand. Instead, it continues to set up new settlements to this day.

These deliberate violations of the peace Agreement constitute acts of provocation leading to the dangers of the outbreak of another war.