“Sheer Hypocrisy”
By: Shaebia.org staff
October 29, 2004

In manifestation of sheer hypocrisy, the TPLF regime’s Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, said that Ethiopia will send peacekeeping forces to the newly established Somali government if a request came from the African Union (AU). This contradicts the regime’s previous policy of arming and hosting opposition faction leaders and backpedaling on gestures of recognizing the new Government of Somalia.

Tension between the two countries, which adds another dimension to the conflict and drought crisis in the Horn of Africa, has been escalating, with Somalia accusing the Ethiopian regime of interfering in its internal affairs and stationing troops on Somali territory.

Developments in relations between Ethiopia and Somalia have direct humanitarian implications for people’s migration, displacement, as well as economies and regional stability.

The unstable nature of the TPLF regime’s policies had remained a problem to neighboring countries in particular and the region in general.