Why Complicate The Plain Truth?
By: Shaebia.com
January 13, 2004

It seems that in trying to hide the simple truth, the Woyane are being dragged into the whirlpool they created themselves. They speak with forked tongue and deep inside they are no different from their predecessors. They are bent on destroying Eritrea because they can no longer live with their lies and perfidies. It is either us or them! This is Woyane’s litany reproduced from the Derg who perished before them because they refused to accept the truth.

The Woyane are now speaking of normalization of relations with Eritrea. They say it with the least sense of shame as if they hadn’t sworn not to have anything to do with the government in power. If one is fond of lying, one should at least have a long memory.

They speak of dialogue, a word they recently fashioned to suit their pernicious game. Don’t they know that the time for dialogue has long been overdue and that the verdict has been made in favor of Eritrea at the Algiers meeting? When one chooses a word, one should make sure that it is not, at least, anachronistic.

The Woyane’s insistence for a dialogue is therefore a ploy to nullify the Algiers Agreement.
One can again ask: A dialogue for what? For peace? But the shortest path between war and peace is the Algiers Agreement. And they speak of normalization of relations. How can there be normalization by a regime manifesting abnormal attitude towards law and international justice?

Normalization may come only after the demarcation of the boundary based on the ruling of the Boundary Commission.

As President Issaias Afwerki noted in his New Year speech for the nation, what is the meaning of a dialogue when a sovereign land has already been illegally occupied by the enemy? If peace is the aim then the demarcation of the boundary by itself is a final step towards that goal.

What won’t the Woyane say. They speak of trust, displacement, cooperation, election, etc. How can the Woyane ask for mutual trust while they themselves stand as the very obstacle for any kind of trust?

Again the Woyane try to create a semblance of relation between their so-called dialogue and a possible economic cooperation. But since when is the establishment of economic cooperation between two countries a pre-condition for border settlement?

Never tired of fabricating lies and bringing all kinds of malice from their storehouse of evil, the Woyanes have shamelessly brought up the question of their so-called displaced citizens in the event that Badme is returned to Eritrea. But Eritrea is not responsible for Ethiopians who were made to settle in its territory with the blessing of the invader.

As for the yet another more brazenfaced excuse of postponing the demarcation until after their elections, this has no legal connection whatsoever with the question in hand.

How is it that the Woyane who have from the outset been loath to conduct a dialogue regarding the border ‘while the present government is still in power’ should suddenly feel fresh and ready to conduct that dialogue at present?
“This is simply one perfidious aspect of the Woyane’s character,” noted President Isaias Afwerki in his New Year speech.

It is therefore crystal clear that the only open course left for the Woyane is to accept the Algiers Agreement and like a real gentleman leave everything that pertains to perfidy and malice and let the Boundary Commission finish their task by implementing the demarcation.

There is no any other way open for the Woyane to settle the dispute, no other means to bring peace to the region except by accepting the Algiers Agreement to which they signed as a final and binding solution.

This is the whole truth, all else is naught but malice, lies and perfidy.