Ethiopia: Why Did Meles Zenawi Massacre 40 Innocent Ethiopians in June 2005?
By: Sophia Tesfamariam
July 14, 2005

The cold blooded massacre of 40 innocent Ethiopians in Addis Ababa on June 2005 and the detention of thousands across Ethiopia and the detention of thousands more across Ethiopia by the defiant Tigrayan Prime Minister, has been the subject of news reports, interviews, letters to the European Union and US State Department, and remains the main subject in the worldwide demonstrations that are continuing to be conducted by Ethiopians in the Diaspora. The world is asking why? Why did Meles Zenawi order the massacre and the detention of defenseless Ethiopians?

If I were to be sarcastic, I would say it was to get more funding from the donors for his "ill-equipped" forces. The last time he did this, he was given money for training his police and security forces in the art of "crowd control", and for the purchase of "non lethal weapons". Sarcasm aside, the real reason Meles Zenawi murdered the 40 innocent defenseless Ethiopians and detained thousands, is because he got away with all previous violations of human rights, massacres, murders, genocides and defiance of international law and arbitration. His violations are many, but allow me to list some his most notorious and obvious defiant behaviors:

Consequently, as the facts above clearly show, the reason that Meles cold bloodedly massacred and murdered 40 innocent defenseless Ethiopians in June 2005, is because nothing has happened to him for the crimes he has committed in the past. In fact, he was appeased and most of the time he was rewarded. Some may say the above facts are being tackled and handled. That is not true. As a matter of fact, they have been deliberately avoided and neglected by the international community.

As a result of the international community's negligence and appeasement policy towards this belligerent genocidal individual, as recent as 15 May 2005, exactly three weeks before he unleashed his murderous Tigrayan dominated "Agazi" special forces on the innocent and defenseless residents of Addis Ababa, suppressing the legitimate right of the Ethiopian people to hold peaceful demonstration and protest, he declared a 'State of Emergency' by saying, "As of tomorrow (16 May 2005), for the next one month no demonstrations of any sort will be allowed within the city and its environs... the government has decided to bring all the security forces, the police and the local militias, under one command accountable to the prime minister (to me)", and he got way with it.

Embarrassing and exposing his backers and advisors, and their tacit approval of his belligerent behavior, because the international community did not condemn him for the 15 May 2005 suppressive decree, and because some even advised him and applauded him, in a 4 July 2005 interview with the BBC Meles boastfully said:

"...we banned demonstrations for a month and that, for your information, none of our development partners complained about that..."

What a stupid revelation! No wonder to this day, none of Meles' international backers has called on him to lift the dictatorial decree so that the people of Ethiopia can peacefully and freely demonstrate or protest. They are also not urging Meles to create an independent body to conduct an investigation into the massacres of 8 June 2005. So much for those who preach about democracy and human rights, while applauding murder and suppressive decrees!

Therefore, unless and until the international community collectively takes appropriate punitive measures against Meles and his Tigrayan clique (Foreign Minister, Chief of Police, Chief of Staff, Chief of Security, Mayor of Addis Ababa, Minister of Federal Affairs and his Deputy, and the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church etc. etc. who are also from Tigray) by suspending foreign aid given to them in the name of budgetary support, development assistance, and debt cancellation, Meles will continue to slaughter unarmed Ethiopians, and will continue to obstruct the speedy and unconditional demarcation of the Eritrea and Ethiopia border, thus plunging the region into further chaos and destruction.

As a Prime Minister of a country which is fully dependent on foreign aid, and as a person who lacks legitimacy to rule Ethiopia, if it is not for the diplomatic, political and economic support he receives from his "development partners",  Meles neither has the resources nor the capacity to create chaos and commotion in the region.

The rule of law must prevail over the law of the jungle.