Press Statement
Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman
Washington, DC
January 21, 2004

Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Issue

The United States is concerned about the possibility of renewed hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which would have dire consequences for the people of the two countries in relations and programs with the United States.

The Algiers Peace Accord, ending the Ethiopian Eritrean conflict, must be respected without qualification. Both Ethiopia and Eritrea agreed to accept unequivocally the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commissionís decision as final and binding. The United States expects each government to uphold its commitment to abide by this agreement. The United States urges both parties to implement the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commissionís decision peacefully, fully and without delay. As the process moves forward, communication directly between the two countries will be imperative.

The United States values its relationship with both countries. We are committed to helping the two nations realize the political freedoms and economic prosperity that their peoples deserve. Peace is the prerequisite for achieving these goals


Released on January 21, 2004