[dehai-news] (ER) EPPF chairman returns from Eritrea! EPPF restructuring continues

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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 16:26:10 EST

EPPF restructuring continues; Mussie Tegegn is replaced
October 31st, 2008
Chairman of the Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front (EPPF), Arbegna
Meazaw Getu, has announced that the executive committee has decided to
relieve Dr Mussie Tegegn from his responsibility as head of external
relations. The letter signed by Arbegna Meazaw states that effective
Oct. 28, Dr Mussie cannot represent EPPF in any capacity, and that
another person will be appointed soon to take over his place. (see the
letter here)
The decision by the EPPF leadership to replace Dr Mussie Tegegn was made
after the executive committee became dissatisfied with his performance,
particularly his continued disagreements and quarrels with EPPF
supporters around the world. The EPPF leadership came to believe that
because of Dr Mussie's behavior and actions, the organization was unable
to get the support of Ethiopians around the world. The leadership
thought that he became more of a liability than an asset to the
The firing of Dr Mussue is part of the ongoing organizational
restructuring of EPPF. In the next few weeks, the newly reorganized EPPF
International Committee, as well as EPPF representatives in various
cities around the world, will be made public. One of the main tasks of
the EPPF International Committee will be to establish contacts with
governments around the world, explain to them the resistance group's
mission and try to get their support. A diplomatic committee will be
created to hold talks with members of the European Parliament and the
U.S. Congress. EPPF hopes to help persuade the U.S. Congress to impose
sanctions on the Woyanne brutal regime in Ethiopia that is destabilizing
and creating wars in the Horn of Africa region.
Meanwhile, senior official of the EPPF International Committee, Ato
Sileshi Tilahun, who had been visiting with the EPPF leaders and the
troops in the field, is returning to London today after a three-week
visit. After arriving in Eritrea's capital Asmara, he drove over 800 km
of rough road to reach EPPF camps.
EPPF chairman Arbegna Meazaw told Ethiopian Review on the phone that Ato
Sileshi's visit had been productive and thanked him for coming to visit
leaders and members of the organization in the field.
Ato Sileshi also held meetings with with high-level Eritrean government
officials in Asmara. He thanked the Government of Eritrea for providing
shelter to Ethiopian freedom fighters and political refugees who have
fled persecution by the brutal tribal junta in Ethiopia. Eritrean
officials on their part told him that the people and government of
Eritrea are on the side of Ethiopians who are fighting to liberate their
country from the scourge called Woyanne that has turned the Horn of
Africa region in to a perrenial war zone.
In Somalia alone, over 2 million people have been made homeless by an
illegal and brutal invasion of the country by the Woyanne regime. In
Ethiopia, over 6 million people currently face starvation while Woyanne
leaders continue to plunder the country's resources and steal foreign
aid. In the Ogaden region, Woyanne troops are engaged in indiscriminate
killings of civilians and burning down entire villages, as reported by
many in the international community, including some members of the
United State Congress.



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