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From: Elinor Tesfamariam (elinor2006@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 03 2008 - 14:05:27 EST

Greeting from Eritreans for Obama!

As we approach the end of this historic journey, we have gathered a short
but effective last minute checklist in order to be ready and well informed
for tomorrow Tuesday Nov. 4th! If you have further inquires, please feel
free to contact us at info@eritreansforobama.com.

Last Minute Checklist:

Make sure you have your correct polling location address and means
of transportation. If you need assistance, call 877-US-4-OBAMA/877-874-6226
or you can visit www.voteforchange.com as well as www.my.barackobama.com. For
anyone in need of transportation, your local Obama campaign offices will
have volunteers so make sure you contact them ahead of time.

Go prepared with proper documentation such as your ID and voter
registration card. If you don't have your voter registration card, you
should still be able to vote with a valid ID such as your driver's license.

Be aware of the hours for each polling location and know that as
long as you are standing in line at the time the polls close, you will be
eligible to vote and will not be turned away! If you face any problems
concerning this matter, call the number mentioned above right away. Voting
starts and ends tomorrow for every state so PLEASE disregard any false
information that may be circulating around telling voters of the option to
vote on Nov. 5th.

There have been several instructions on what type of paraphernalia
you can or cannot wear during your voting process. The risk is too high so
we advise you all not to take the chance and please refrain from wearing any
sort of t-shirts, buttons, hats or stickers at ALL! We will have plenty
opportunities to display our support and enthusiasm for our next leader!

As early voting indicates we should expect a huge turnout of voters
so please prepare yourself for the long but necessary hours you will be at
the polls. Have comfortable attire and pack food/medication as needed.
is a virtue so tomorrow will be the day to exercise that!!

Go out and Vote Our future depends on it!

Last but not least, Eritrean for Obama cordially invites you all to join us
at Enjera Restaurant located on 549 S. 23rd Street, Arlington, VA as we
watch this historic race come to an end starting 7pm till we hear the
announcement of our next President!!

Thank you all for your endless support and now Get Out The Vote!!

Eritreans for Obama

Eritreans for Obama is a national grassroots coalition of Eritrean-American
youth, students, businessmen, taxi drivers, and community leaders living in
the United States who support Senator Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential bid.

*For more information, please visit www.eritreansforobama.com.*

Yodit Tewelde & Elinor K. Tesfamariam
Eritreans for Obama

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