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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Thu Nov 06 2008 - 14:20:31 EST

Friday, November 7, 2008
OLF Statement: On the Mass Arrest of the Oromo People by the TPLF Regime
Malicious Propaganda Does Not Cover Up The Truth
The TPLF/EPRDF is staging a hilarious drama alleging to have apprehended
members of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leadership and others who were
planning anti government activities. OLF unequivocally and emphatically
dismisses such allegation as fabricated and completely false propaganda
intended to confound the OLF with terrorism as well as to divert the
attention of the general public from the current wave of mass
persecution being committed against the Oromo people.
Contrary to what the EPRDF regime is trying to convince the peoples of
the country, there is un- announced mass campaign targeting Oromos
across all sectors of the society and regions. As of last week, waves of
mass abduction and arrest are going on targeting Oromos in all the
regions. Oromo business men, teachers, university lecturers, journalist,
members of Oromo legal political organizations who have seats in the
parliament, students and peasants are being rounded up and put behind
bars. Even though complete list of those detained have not fully been
compiled yet, an estimate of more than two hundred innocent Oromos have
so far been arrested. The wave is still continuing in all regions.
The glaring evidence of this poorly managed fabrication is the exhibit
of weapons displayed as evidence. The same weapons were shown while
accusing another organization. How can the same weapons be in the hands
of two different organizations with no relation what so ever, is a
simple question of any lay person. The truth is that this propaganda of
the TPLF is a fabrication that utterly failed from inception.
All these dreadful atrocities against the Oromo people is a sign of
desperation and hopelessness of the EPRDF regime that thinks detention,
intimidation, harassment and abduction will dampen the Oromo people's
determination and commitment to the legitimate struggle for freedom and
democracy. The OLF takes this latest action of the regime as an
intensification of its war against the OLF and the Oromo people. The OLF
will continue to defend itself and the struggle and call upon Oromo
people to intensify its struggle of self defense.
We also call on the peoples of Ethiopia and the world public at large to
do everything possible to save the lives of innocent Oromo individuals
who are inhumanly rounded up, incarcerated and exposed to all forms of
torture in the prison cells of the TPLF regime.
Victory to the Oromo People!!
Oromo Liberation Front
November 6, 2008

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