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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Wed Nov 19 2008 - 06:28:37 EST


      Somalia: The National Interest
      Nov 19, 2008 - 8:37:11 PM

"I don't believe that Somalia will become a Taliban-style state. We need to accept a few years of harsh Islamic rule and work with the authority that way."

    Western Diplomat stationed in Nairobi, Kenya, November 2008.

In a frank, and rather refreshing admission, the unidentified Western diplomat went on to say, "Western governments had been guilty of viewing the Somalia problem as being too difficult to solve and not important enough to matter." It is now becoming more apparent, with each passing day, that the Western powers have resigned themselves to accept the fact that the Somali people shall never submit to the illegitimate rule of the TFG. The dishonourable octogenarian, Cabdullahi Yusuf Axmed, President of the Somali TFG, in a rare moment of clarity, has publicly admitted that the TFG is on the verge of imploding.

 Indeed, the removal of the murderous TFG is in the national interest of the Somali people. The Somali people need, more than anything else at present, the full restoration of public security. It is very evident that the TFG cannot provide the people of Somalia with this most vital of public services, therefore it is entirely legitimate that the authority of the Islamic fighters of Somalia be internationally recognised. These men have demonstrate, beyond all doubt, that they possess the capacity to restore order to any Somali settlement under their control.

There can be no satisfaction derived from the political fracturing of the Islamic groups currently active inside Somalia. The unity of the Somali nation is more important than the interests of any particular group or individual. Therefore, the Somali nation can do well without the kind of internecine violence that occurred in the city of Jowhar within the past week. The Somali Islamic resistance must be maintained as a unitary phenomenon, with the singular political objective of safeguarding the legitimate interests of the Somali nation.

The Somali people must never again become so horribly disunited that the combined enemies of the Somali nation are able to entertain the possibility of conducting acts of military aggression inside the Somali national territory. Never again must we witness the rise of a cadre of ethnic Somalis willing to collaborate with the enemies of the Somali nation. The Islamic resistance fighters of Somalia must safeguard the rights of the Somali nation by adequately confronting the scourge represented by the numerous members of the Somali community who find it all too easy to betray their nation of birth.
The formation of a strong and versatile Somali state that is truly attentive to the needs of the Somali nation is of paramount importance. Never again must we witness the sight of Somali leadership behaving in a servile and submissive manner towards the political authorities of other nations. Never again must the Somali national interest be neglected. Never again must the parasitic Warlords of Somalia be permitted to enslave the Somali people. The new Islamic rulers of Somalia must, as a matter of urgency, bring to bear the full force of the law against the criminals known to have caused so much misery and anguish inside the Somali national territory.
Finally, the new rulers of Somalia must promote and safeguard the legitimate commercial and industrial interests of the Somali nation. Never again must we witness the natural resources of Somalia being brazenly looted by multinational foreign speculators. Never again must we witness the disposal of toxic waste-from the industries of the Western world-inside the Somali national territory. We must, once and for all, reject the concept of Somali regional autonomy. The best interests of the Somali people are served by inflexible national unity. And Somali national interests must be respected above all other political considerations.

N. Ibn Othmann



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