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From: NUEYS Eritrea (nueyspub2001@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Nov 19 2008 - 10:37:32 EST

  Dear Readers!
  This month, the NUEYS Foreign Affairs Department received information that the African Union declared the first of November African Youth Day. Reading more into the occasion, we’ve found out that the theme for AYD for 2008 and 2009 is “Positive African Values, Peace and Solidarity.” African positive values? Confused about the theme, we asked various staff members around the office what are African positive values but nobody had any real clue. First of all, it is quite difficult to assess positive values universally accepted among the countries that make up the most diverse continent in the world. Second, if there are African positive values, then what makes them African? In other words, isn’t it possible that the same values could be shared among other people of the world? Another thing that came to the mind of members is the AU’s role in promoting positive values. The AU might not lack goodwill, but it sure does lack positive accomplishments especially in regards to
 peace, security and development.
  Nevertheless, African Youth Day aims at sensitizing people on African youth development issues, just like this newsletter does! Therefore, we’ve dedicated a section of this newsletter to outline values that we are very familiar with: Eritrean national values. If we, the Eritrean youth, are to build our nation—which was brought about through huge sacrifice—according to our aspiration for peace, justice and prosperity, then we need to build upon, reaffirm and recreate those values that enabled us to accomplish incredible feats so far—values such as commitment, heroism, self-sacrifice, patriotism and self-reliance. We also need to remain vigilant and fight relentlessly against those negative tendencies that are currently trying to frustrate these positive national values.
  There are certain moral and psychological qualities people should possess in order to secure sustainable development. Progressive cultures and change-oriented values are crucial elements in this case. Having change-oriented values does not necessarily mean inventing or adopting new traditions and values; rather it means promoting and strengthening existing ones in a context of an ever-changing environment.
  One thing that NUEYS strongly criticizes the African Union for is its support to the invading Ethiopian army in Somalia. In this newsletter, we’ve also included an article outlining the faults of the African Union when it comes to its inability to keep intact the fundamental principles in which the union was created.
  As a progressive youth and student movement, NUEYS stands for peace, solidarity and social transformation for all peoples. NUEYS is against imperialist aggression and exploitation. Moreover, NUEYS stands for African unity!
  If you have any questions, comments or inquiries for us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us feedback on this newsletter. Enjoy!
  NUEYS Foreign Affairs Department
  Inside this issue:
   Organizing youth workers shoulders up youth development
   Eritrean national values
   Education bearing fruit among Eritrean students around the country
   What has the African Union accomplished?
   NUEYS Uganda Established
   63rd Japanese Peace Boat voyage visits Eritrea
   From NUEYS’ Seminar Series
   Feature: Volunteering in Eritrea

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