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From: Yemane Natnael (yemane_natnael@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Nov 20 2008 - 13:22:22 EST

Press Release
By Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nov 20, 2008, 13:18

The growing acts of piracy along the entire Somali coastline are becoming at topical issue of our time. No matter its origin, it is an indisputable fact that the scenario is indeed regrettable. 
Instead of emotionally following up the events from time to time or trying to use such developments as a disguise for adventurous interference, identifying the root cause and bringing about a lasting solution to the issue is a timely question that should not be put aside.
It is indisputable that the underlying cause of the issue is the vacuum created in Somalia over the past 17 years. And its solution lies in the liberation of Somalia and its reconstitution as a united and sovereign nation.
Unless the entire Somali people overcome disintegration be it in the name of so-called “Somaliland” or “Punt Land” or “Benadir Land” or “Juba Land” and achieve home-grown solution, talks that piracy or any other harmful scenario would be resolved is but pure deception that goes beyond illusion.
There are quarters who claim that the “Somali government” should tackle the problem. But the basic question is: “whose government?” “Which one?” and “What authority it commands in the true sense of the word?”
There are also powerful parties who say, “Let’s me the challenge through deploying our naval forces.” This may appear to be the stance of a few; to others, however, it is but a blessing in disguise for illegal intervention.
A lasting solution could never be achieved unless an end is put to the destabilizing and adventurous policies pursued by Washington and its servants, including that of dividing Somalia along so-called “Lands” and fomenting division among the Somali people on the basis of clan and tribe, instigating animosity and banditry through bribing and encouraging warlords in pursuit of narrow interests, blackmailing opposition movements as ‘terrorists’ and looting Somalia’s resources, as well as disintegrating Somali nationals and keeping them hostage to famine and aid, in addition to resorting to open invasion under the pretext of peacekeeping in violation of international law and the UN Charter. All these with the intention of undermining the peace of the Somali people and the stability of the Horn region, and thereby prolong a crisis situation and trying to manage it. It should also be emphasized at this juncture that attempts designed to deceive
 others through stirring up sentiments constitute an outdated ploy.       
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
20 November 2008

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