[dehai-news] a view from Asmara; Addis makes dog food as millions starve

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From: Thomas mountain (thomascmountain@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Nov 27 2008 - 09:14:30 EST

Our Asmara homecoming was to long in coming. After two months outside, Asmara Shukur! America ginai, London ginai, Asmara Shukur!
Of course, times remain hard, what with the harvest in the highlands failing this year from the drought. We still have a million western paid for weyane soldiers on our border waiting for any sign of weakness or internal turmoil to exploit. Prices for non coupon items have become painful, what with comidera at 24nakfa a kilo, and oranges going for up to 30nakfa a kilo as well.
Still thanks to shaebia we have coupons and enough of the basics at afforable prices that there is enough to eat, if just enough.
Speaking of enough to eat, on one of our rare visits to weyane tv ie ethiopian television, we were amazed to see that Addis Ababa is on its way to food self sufficiency...food for dogs that is.
Images of millions of starving ethiopians are once again starting to flash for a few seconds on the western media, while fresh flowers have become ethiopias largest foreign currency earner, taking precious prime land and water from food production while the peoples children go hungry as grain prices skyrocket.
And all the while precious protein and carbohydrates that could be used to feed the hungry is being processed into dog food in a factory in Addis Ababa so proudly displayed on weyane tv.
Making dog food while millions starve? Asmarinos will certainly party in the streets when the Meles Mafia flees the scene of their crimes, to live in their palaces in the western capitals while they count their stolen cash stuffed bank accounts and write their memoires? When? Not soon enough, though who will replace them in power in addis is the billion dollar question.
Until then, we must tighten our belts another notch, sigh patiently once again and remember that the peace we enjoy in Asmara is thanks to our family members in warsai, still in the trenches living on a dollar a day, some for over a decade now. We know what we owe them and someday we will see this debt repaid and the hero's of our time will enjoy the good life they deserve.
until next time and some thoughts on the stench rising from new regime about to be installed, or should i say recycled in washington dc...
selam and rain for eritrea,
thomas c mountain
about to head for our home away from home in massawa, heaven by the sea


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