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December 1st 2008.


YPFDJ hosts "iRep Eritrea" event in Toronto


The Young People's Front for Democracy and Justice (YPFDJ) organized an event titled "iRep Eritrea" in the city of Toronto in line with the movement's efforts to build a sense of identity among Eritrean-Canadians. Under the banner of "cultural revival"; one of the six pillars of the organization, the group displayed cultural clothing and artifacts to strike interest among the youth in Eritrean culture and traditions. It is to be noted that the YPFDJ conference in August of 2008 in Washington DC, concluded by encouraging the respective delegations to create programs that focus on identity for the coming year.


The executive members of the organization conducted presentations on the movement's goals and principles and encouraged the attendees to be informed and engaged. After the presentations were completed a traditional Eritrean coffee ceremony was observed followed by music from local talented Eritrean youth, Alex Isaac and Henok Kidane.


Adam Martincak a former division president of the Young Liberals of Canada and Czech-Canadian expressed his appreciation for the liberation struggle of the Eritrean people and related it to the experiences faced by his own home country of the Czech Republic. Adam encouraged the attendees to remain vigilant and proud that they had fought so long to have a sovereign nation.


Attendees and members of the YPFDJ were provided specific instructions on how to contact their local members of parliament to protest the decision of the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi in the denial of the visa request of Osman Saleh, foreign minister of the State of Eritrea to visit Canada this year. Furthermore the YPFDJ equipped the attendees with a final letter crafted by the YPFDJ which is to be handed to the members of the Canadian House of Commons in relation to the issue.


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