[dehai-news] Atl-YPFDJ Celebrates Thanks Giving By Welcoming Eritrean Refugees

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From: Biniam Tesfaldet (biniamtesfaldet@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 01:48:16 EST

The first historically recorded Thanks Giving Celebration occurred in 1621
in New England between Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians. The
Wampanoag welcomed the "new comers" to the Americas with a bountiful feast.
The Native Americans shared their home and meals and made these new arrivals
feel welcomed. In keeping with the true traditions of Thanks Giving the
Atlanta chapter of YPFDJ celebrated the Thanks Giving holiday by welcoming
Eritrean Refugees who recently arrived to the United States. Atl-YPFDJ
organized a "potluck"; this is when different individuals bring home cooked
meals to comprise the banquet. The event was a held at a venue provided by a
great supporter and member by the name of Almaz. There were over 70
attendees many of which were youths who brought their families along. Among
the guests was Tony J. Scipio the chief of police for the city of Clarkston,
who handed out toys and wrist band to the many children in attendance. The
guest list also included prominent members of PFDJ, NUEW, and various civil
service organizations. As stated above there were many people in attendance
but the guests of honor were 4 Eritrean families that recently immigrated to
the United States. These new arrivals were recently discovered by YPFDJ
members and the organization has been striving to make their transition in
to this nation as easy as possible. The families are mostly comprised of
Kunama tribe and have already made a resounding impact on YPFDJ through
their beautiful language and culture. Some individuals that attended the
dinner have only been in the United States for two weeks. It was truly a
time to give thanks as these families gained friendships through YPFDJ and
the organization learns from the experiences of the families. Atl-YPFDJ
finds acts of social responsibility and service not only enhances the
homogeny of the Eritrean Community but continues the tradition passed down
to YPFDJ from the 30 year struggle. Atl-YPFDJ believes that the goal of
Self Reliance can only be achieved when Eritreans help each other both in
Eritrea and in the Diaspora. The four major corner stones of YPFDJ are
Identity, Consciousness, Organization and Service. It is through the help
of not only to these families but any and all Eritreans in need that
Atl-YPFDJ strives to fulfill its duty of Service to the Eritrean people. In
the next few years the Metro-Atlanta area is expecting an influx of Eritrean
Refugees and is making the necessary preparation to welcome these people
with open arms. Atl-YPFDJ would like to thank all its supporters who
continue to give moral and financial support.

Biniam Tesfaldet


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