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From: Samson Negassi (samson_negassi@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Wed Dec 10 2008 - 12:24:44 EST

When the festive season approaches, kids expect for their parents to get them presents. Parents would want to get the best present ever for their kids, but they are stretched and they also have to cater for other prime necessities. They have the primary needs to take care of. Planning and investing for the comfortable future and education of their children, mortgage or monthly rents, household bills, food, transportation, taxes etc. You are probably wondering where I am getting at?
On Sunday 7th December I attended the Eritrean Hisbawi Mekete seminar in Acton town hall, London. I got there a bit late as I was delayed in my previous appointment, but I did not miss much. Ambassador TesfaMichael Gerahtu was talking about the achievements and shortcoming in the year 2008 and also the challenges Eritrea faces in the coming year 2009.  The Eritrean Government’s future plan, food security, introduction of new technologies that can help and speed up the future plans. He talked about ‘Bisha Project’ with Nevsun and Gerset dam and many thousand hectares cultivation around there. He talked about being a self-reliant nation that can only create a bright future for our children and grand children.
He also talked about achievements in UK and also the challenges we face as Eritreans in this environment where violence and drug abuse has become the daily living of many youth. How can we help Eritreans specially the youth become good citizens for their community and also good ambassadors of their country? He mentioned the achievements of Eritrean women in UK contributing towards the nation building, achievements of youth in UK in working with other youth groups from the horn of Africa, the successful festival last summer and other achievements in the year 2008.  
Mr. Saleh Abdella, Head of the Consular affairs in the Eritrean Embassy also talked about the consular affairs. The services offered at the embassy and reminded that all dues should be paid on time and those who are in arrears to come up with plans to clear their arrears. He also said, they are there to serve the Eritrean public and reminded everyone to approach them with any help needed. Students are exempt from paying the 2% dues providing they have evidence that shows their full time study.
The hall was nearly full with elderly, youth, men and women. After speeches form the ambassador and the head of consular affairs, it was time for questions. Mind you this was ‘Hizbawi Mekete’. To have a debate about the challenges Eritrea is facing and what we can do as citizens.
When the Eritrean Government is busy prioritising issues, working hard so that every part of Eritrea has access to basic necessities; to my astonishment and I am sure to many others as well, some stood up asking questions about houses they are hopping to build and other personal business that should be asked privately. The Eritrean embassy consular services is there to cater for these kind of services and personal matters should be dealt with there.
When there are gallant men and women who are in trenches day and night defending Eritrea, so that Eritrea will live to be a prosperous and peaceful nation, why couldn’t they ask if they are fed properly? Why don’t they ask about their wellbeing? Let us talk about sponsoring the martyrs’ family. Those who gave their lives for Eritrea have given us opportunity to build houses in Eritrea and we should think of them everyday. We should look after their family. Our Warsay and Ykalo are not talking about houses and lands, but they are looking out for the enemy. The enemy that is ready to destabilise Eritrea.
Houses won’t go away, they can be built anytime, but if your country is invaded then you have no chance of having your land let alone talking about building on it. The embarrassing factor was that those who should know better asked these questions. In other words they were old enough to know what I am writing here. They were behaving like spoiled children who pester their parents to buy them expensive presents. The only difference is, children are oblivious to the hardship their parents go through. They have a very little knowledge about how money is made.
The visionary Eritrean leadership has become the strongest in Africa. Let’s all go through African map and name every country in Africa? The only country that is working hard to stand on her two feet is Eritrea. She is in the process of making itself into a model for the rest of Africa. She knows foreign aid can politically be a dangerous, seductive crutch, socially and economically. Without going too far, let’s have a look our neighbour Ethiopia. The country gets enough rain, yet Ethiopians are hungry. The country gets around two billion a year in aid of food and money, yet the puppet leaders pocket most of it and the poor country is drowning deep into hell.
This is a time of challenge and defiance. Our everyday prime thoughts should be helping our heroes in defending our country and then we will have comfortable ground that will allow us build a mountain.
One young guy made a very good point by saying, “instead of asking the government, why don’t we take responsibility of initiating solutions?” In other words, let’s change our way of thinking. Our carelessness today can haunt us forever and let us stay vigilant. Other nations especially Africans failed to stay watchful and outsiders destroyed them.
We need to build up our awareness and consciousness. Those who try to destabilise Eritrea have tried so much but failed badly. They will try and recruit Eritrean puppets like the fainthearted imbeciles we see sometimes. But it is not hard to pinpoint them. Their insecure and unsure faces give away their fear. Fear of uncertainty.
We can see the recent developments in the world. The patience of Eritrea is paying off. Western masters are abandoning their puppets. Those who are seeking peace are siding with Eritrea. Our unity is intact and vision realistic. Let’s keep on marching and stay vigilant. Rise up Eritrea you are winning. 
Glory to our Martyrs
Glory to Warsy Ykalo
Awet N’Hafash   
Samson Negassi

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