[dehai-news] (MO) Somali Islamist group claims victory over Ethiopian forces, government

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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 15:57:52 EDT

Somali Islamist group claims victory over Ethiopian forces, government
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
The spokesman of Al-Shabab Islamic Movement, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow, aka
Abu Mansur, has joined a large number of members of public for the
Id-al-adha prayer at Suqa Holaha neighbourhood in Mogadishu.
After the prayer, the spokesman gave a lengthy speech about the country.
He described reports saying that Al-Shabab fought with Ahlu Suna wal
jama in Guri Ceel District (central Somalia) as baseless and unfounded
lies. He said that Ahlu Suna wal jama was part of Muslim scholars and
that there was no difference between Al-Shabab and the sect.
The spokesman said the fighting, in which they took control of Guri Ceel
District involved Al-Shabab and bandits who used to harass motorists in
the area, while claiming to be members of the sect.
Sheikh Mukhtar Robow's statement comes days after heavy fighting broke
out in Guri Ceel town said involving Al-Shabab fighters and Ahlu suna
wal jama sect. A spokesman of the sect denied their group was involved
in the fighting.
On the other hand, Al-Shabab spokesman commented about Djibouti
conference describing it as not a real one adding that it was fruitless.
He said that the group [opposition] that signed the agreement with the
government just enjoy themselves in hotels abroad and do not have
military presence on the ground.
He stressed that it is only the Mujahidins fighting inside the country
who can reach a cease-fire agreement, saying that those who signed the
agreement with the government, deceived the government and the foreign
troops that support it. He stated they will continue fighting government
and Ethiopian forces in the country.
Sheikh Robow repeatedly said their war against Ethiopian and government
forces has succeeded, saying that this could be proved by inability of
Ethiopian troops heading from Baidoa to reach Mogadishu.
He said that Ethiopian troops from Baidoa heading towards Mogadishu are
now unable to proceed from Buur Hakaba District, unlike before when it
could them a short time to reach to Mogadishu.
 "Thanks to God that we today pray at a place not far from bases until
recently taken over by Ethiopian forces. The Ethiopian troops are unable
to get out of their bases at [former] Pasta factory and Haile Barise,"
said Robow.
He stated that they can pray without any fear in an area not far from
Mogadishu football stadium which is occupied by Ethiopian troops.
Residents of Mogadishu used to pray at the stadium before it was taken
over by Ethiopian forces.
This is the first time an official of an insurgent group to have
addressed a large number of people in an open in ground inside the
Somali capital since the Islamic administration was ousted by Ethiopian
troops. Source Mareeg.com
<http://www.mareeg.com/fidsan.php?sid=9409&tirsan=3> &tirsan=3

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