[dehai-news] (shabait) Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers continue meeting in Massawa

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From: Yemane Natnael (yemane_natnael@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Dec 13 2008 - 15:08:33 EST

Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers continue meeting in Massawa
By Staff
Dec 13, 2008, 16:22

Massawa, 13 December 2008 – The Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers which approved the action programs for 2009 of the administrative regions in its session yesterday in Massawa, along with the Regional Administrators and Operation Zone Commanders, continued its separate meeting today in the port city.

In its session today, the Ministerial Cabinet assessed the progress in the implementation process of programs in 2008 regarding various development sectors, nation-building and social services. It also conducted extensive discussion on the all-round strategic plans and budget implementation of all the ministries for 2009.

As regards endeavors exerted to achieve food security, the meeting assessed the accomplishments made in developing modern farming and industrial agriculture, introducing technological know-how in agricultural activities, as well as constructing big, medium and small micro-dams. In this regard, it conducted discussion on the major project of constructing development infrastructure envisaged for implementation in 2009.

The meeting enriched and approved the action plan drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture on expanding cereal farming, fruits and vegetables, developing livestock and its products, meeting the demand of agro-industrial plants, putting in place control mechanism as regards the quality and standard of imported or domestic products.

In this connection, the Ministerial Cabinet took note of the measures taken to harness fishery resources, ensure the distribution of fish products in all parts of the country at fair price. To this end, the meeting approved the plans charted to introduce fish canning technology and streamline quality control mechanisms.

Following deliberation on major national programs and proclamations regarding control and management of coastline and islands, as well as preventing sea pollution, the Ministerial Cabinet mapped out future action program.

Regarding the development of land, water and environment, the meeting conducted in-depth discussion on the effective utilization of land for agriculture and other services, as well as future handling. It further assessed the encouraging accomplishments registered in implementing potable water supply projects nationwide both in the urban and rural areas, along with the required budgetary allocation.

After assessing the progress made in efforts to develop the tourism sector, the meeting took note of the task undertaken to publicize the nation’s rich tourism potentials, attract domestic and foreign tourists, rendering efficient services, upgrade human resource capacity in the sector. In this respect, the Ministerial Cabinet reviewed work plans for 2009 and discussed ways of upgrading tourism services both in scope and quality vis-ŕ-vis the overall national development strategy.

As regards trade and industrial activities, as well as the market, the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers emphasized that top priority should be given to the task of improving the people’s standard of living, stabilizing prices and ensuring supply. Alongside endeavors to achieve food security on the basis of raising domestic productivity, the meeting assessed the accomplishments scored to make the existing industrial plants in the country operate in full capacity and expand new agro-industrial establishments, in addition to the preliminary studies undertaken.

The meeting also reviewed the outcome and shortcoming of the policies pursued to meet the basic needs of the public, stabilize prices and promotes fair trading activities. In this connection, it reached understanding on the future handling of the matter.

The Ministerial Cabinet continued its deliberations on the infrastructure and various service sectors.

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