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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sun Dec 14 2008 - 14:48:27 EST

Meeting of Cabinet of Ministers in Massawa concludes
By Staff
Dec 14, 2008, 16:23


Massawa, 14 December 2008 - The meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Minister
which began on 12 December in the port city of Massawa concluded today
approving the action program for 2009 and implementation strategy of all the
ministries, as well as issuing pertinent directives. The action programs of
the ministries involve political, economic, social, diplomatic and media

In its session today, the meeting held discussions on the administration of
justice, media and diplomatic activities, as well as future work programs.

As regards ensuring efficient administration of justice, the Ministerial
Cabinet assessed the performance of community magistrates and the regular
courts in giving effective verdict. It also conducted discussion on the
strategic program mapped out to upgrade institutional capacity towards
rendering efficient and satisfactory administration of justice to the
public. The meeting held extensive discussion on ways of creating ground for
coordinating the rules and regulations, directives and statements issued by
various government institutions, and charted future action program in the
domain of judicial administration.


Regarding media and agitation activities, the Cabinet of Ministers assessed
the tasks so far accomplished in improving the overall structure and
technical competence of media outlets. In connection with the plan charted
by the Ministry of Information concerning infrastructure, technical
capability, expansion of programs and geographical coverage, as well as
increasing airtime with a view to further upgrading the effectiveness of the
media organs, the meeting held in-depth deliberation. The Ministry's action
plan also comprises the establishment of strategic study unit, newsroom
organs, quality control desks and other initiatives aimed at developing
media activities.

Assessing the commendable contribution of media and agitation activities in
reinforcing the national development drive and combating psychological
warfare, the Ministerial Cabinet forwarded recommendations that would
strengthen the activities of the nation's media outlets in exposing and
countering anti-Eritrea enemy smear campaigns, in addition to reinforcing
the all-round performance of the national media. In this respect, it
underlined the paramount significance of undertaking effective media
activities that reflects the political situation and challenges in the
region, Eritrea's positive image and constructive role in promoting regional
peace and stability, as well as the nation's correct stance regarding
various international issues.


In its deliberations as regards current diplomatic activities, the Cabinet
of Ministers took note of the constructive role Eritrea has been playing in
promoting regional peace and stability that won acclaim on the part of many
quarters. It also assessed that the diplomatic activities being undertaken
to expand political and economic relations with various countries are
assuming promising prospects. The meeting reached understanding that the
ongoing diplomatic activities should be further enhanced in expanding
relations of partnership in a manner that guarantees national security,
freedom of choice and political decision.

In this regard, the Ministerial Cabinet decided to step up the diplomatic
efforts being exerted to promote regional peace and stability and strive for
the acceptance of Eritrea's stance in resolving the prevailing problems in
the Horn of Africa. Furthermore, it decided to take additional initiatives
to develop the existing relations with a number of parties around the globe
and set up new diplomatic missions in key areas whenever deemed fit, besides
expanding consular services so as to further cement the bond of Eritrean
nationals in the Diaspora with the Homeland.

The three-day meeting of the Ministerial Cabinet concluded its deliberations
mapping out implementation strategy pertaining to national action programs
and the required budgetary allocations aimed at realizing development goals
in the political, economic, social and diplomatic arenas.

In the closing session, President Isaias gave extensive briefings on the
objective political situation in the region and its short and long-term
dimensions. In this connection, the Ministerial Cabinet conducted discussion
on future political activities in relation with current developments and
issued work directives.


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