[dehai-news] Innercitypress.com: Condi Rice Chooses Somali Prime Minister Over Pirate President, Dodges on Eritrea

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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Wed Dec 17 2008 - 06:44:27 EST

Condi Rice Chooses Somali Prime Minister Over Pirate President, Dodges on

Byline: Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press at the UN: News Analysis

UNITED NATIONS, December 16 -- Condoleezza Rice sided Tuesday with the
Somali prime minister whom that country's President has fired, and in so
doing agreed with the Ambassador of Sudan, among others. Inner City Press
asked Ms. Rice to comment on her Department seeking to deem Eritrea a state
sponsor of terrorism, and on who is the leader of Somalia who can
legitimately authorize military incursions by the U.S. and other want-to-be
fighters of piracy. Ms. Rice referred to "difficulties caused by the
policies of Eritrea" and said "we'll look at what actions we should take."
:14:00> here, from Minute 14.

  A Democratic Party-leaning think tank, the Enough Project, last week
accused Rice and George W. Bush of planting landmines in Somalia policy to
trip up Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Condi's namesake -- and former
student -- Susan Rice. But South African Ambassador Dumisani Kumalo, when
Inner City Press asked if he thought the U.S. taking action on Eritrea would
be a good idea, said he hadn't heard of it. He acknowledged that it is hard
to know who is in control in Somalia -- some say there are two Prime
Ministers, he said. Video
:01:43> here, from Minute 1:43.

  But what is behind President Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed firing Nur Hassan
Hussein and replacing him with former interior minister Mohamed Mohamud
Guled? Inner City Press' UN sources say that once Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed lost
the support of Ethiopia, and became accused of profiting from piracy, he saw
the end was near for him. He is like a sinking ship, and everyone from Condi
Rice to Sudan's Ambassador is jumping to the side of the prime minister Nur
Hassan Hussein.

  One thing on which Rice and Sudan are not in agreement is whether the U.S.
will use the piracy resolution to justify incursions onto the Somali
mainland and to establish, as Sudan put it, a permanent presence in the
region. Inner City Press asked, don't the U.S. and France already have
permanent bases in Djibouti? That's different, Sudan's Ambassador said. That
is arranged with the countries. Video
:01:11> here, from Minute 1:11.

   Yeah, but it's permanent, and some suspects picked up in Somalia have
been whisked to Camp Lejeune in Djibouti. Perhaps Obama will solve all this.

Postscript, 11 p.m. -- Hours after the UN Security Council's Somali pirate
session ended, a few blocks south through the snow, Inner City Press learned
yet more about the day's proceedings. The Somali foreign minister had asked
to speak first, before the vote, for a mere five minutes. But the Croatian
President of the Council said no, because Permanent Five members said that
their ministers should speak first, their time was more important. Or were
they concerned that the Somalis might not agree to turn their territory over
to foreign intervention?

  Earlier at the Contact Group on Somalia meeting, two of the Permanent Five
opposed each other on what a peacekeeping mission in Somalia should look
like. US versus the UK -- as it was in Kenya, Inner City Press' snarky
sources say...

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Condi Rice at UN on Dec. 16, moves against Eritrea not shown



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