[dehai-news] Clinton Foundation Donors: List Revealed: No. 97. Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi

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From: Tsegai Emmanuel (emmanuelt40@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 18 2008 - 19:21:39 EST


The foundation's donor list includes many overseas business interests:

_Saudi businessman Nasser Al-Rashid gave $1 million to $5 million.

_Friends of Saudi Arabia and the Dubai Foundation each gave $1 million
to $5 million, as did the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office.

_The Swedish Postcode Lottery gave $500,000 to $1 million.

_China Overseas Real Estate Development and the U.S. Islamic World
Conference gave $250,000 to $500,000 apiece.

_The No. 4 person on the Forbes billionaire list, Lakshmi Mittal, the
chief executive of international steel company ArcelorMittal, gave $1
million to $5 million. Mittal is a member of the Foreign Investment
Council in Kazakhstan, Goldman Sachs' board of directors and the World
Economic Forum's International Business Council, according to the
biography on his corporate Web site.

_Simon Barcelo, chief executive of Barcelo Hotels & Resorts, gave
$500,000 to $1 million. The company's holdings include hotels in Cuba,
a communist country subject to U.S. trade sanctions.

_Victor P. Dahdaleh, who gave $1 million to $5 million, is a Canadian
investor and philanthropist involved in aluminum production. His
business ties have brought allegations of fraud and bribery in a
lawsuit filed by a Bahrain aluminum company. The suit seeks more than
$1 billion in damages for what it alleges is Dadaleh's involvement in
questionable deals in the Middle East, and the Justice Department has
opened a criminal investigation into the matter. Dahdaleh has vowed to
vigorously contest the charges.

Among other $1 million to $5 million donors:

_Harold Snyder, director for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the
largest drug company in Israel. His son, Jay T. Snyder, serves on the
U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, which oversees State
Department activities, and served as a senior U.S. adviser to the
United Nations, where he worked on international trade and poverty.
Jay Snyder donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the foundation.

_No. 97 on the Forbes billionaire list, Ethiopian-Saudi business
tycoon Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi.

_Issam Fares, a former deputy prime minister of Lebanon.

_Mala Gaonkar Haarman, a partner and managing director at the private
investment partnership Lone Pine Capital.

_Lukas Lundin, chairman of oil, gas and mining businesses including
Tanganyika Oil Company Ltd., an international oil and gas exploration
and production company with interests in Syria, and Vostok Nafta
Investment Ltd., an investment company that focuses on Russia and
other former Soviet republics.

_Victor Pinchuk, son-in-law of the former president of Ukraine.
Clinton spoke in 2007 at an annual meeting of Yalta European Strategy,
a group Pinchuk founded to promote Ukraine joining the European Union.

The top ranks of Clinton's donor list are heavy with longtime
Democratic givers, some notable for their staunch support of Israel.

_TV producer Haim Saban and his family foundation, who donated between
$5 million and $10 million, splits his time between homes in Israel
and California. "I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel," he told
The New York Times in 2004.

_Slim-Fast diet foods tycoon S. Daniel Abraham, a donor of between $1
million and $5 million, has been a board member of the American Israel
Public Affairs Committee, which promotes Israel's interests before the
U.S. government.

_The American Jewish Committee and the United Nations Foundation
donated $100,000 to $250,000.

Clinton thanked his donors in a statement for being "steadfast
partners in our work to impact the lives of so many around the world
in measurable and meaningful ways."

The former president agreed to step away from direct involvement in
the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual charitable conference where
businesses and many foreign governments pledge donations to help
ameliorate AIDS, poverty and other social ills. He will continue
serving as CGI's founding chairman but will not solicit money or
sponsorships. The CGI will cease accepting foreign contributions and
will not host events outside the United States.

Clinton started raising money for his library before leaving the White
House. Over the years, the Clintons repeatedly refused to identify all
the foundation donors, and continued to do so during Hillary Clinton's
presidential campaign.

Names surfaced nonetheless. Several news organizations unearthed
foreign-government donors, and in 2001, Bill Clinton turned over a
list of 150 top foundation donors to a House committee investigating
his pardon of fugitive businessman Marc Rich, whose ex-wife, Denise
Rich, gave the library foundation at least $450,000.

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