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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sun Dec 21 2008 - 06:13:26 EST

Extraordinary Achievements of the Army of Development
By Staff
Dec 20, 2008, 13:17

Breaking free of poverty and backwardness are the highest national priority
towards the achievement of which the people and Government of Eritrea have
engaged all their resources and energy. And the only way this objective can
be achieved is through hard work. Thus, the present stage of development
requires that we allocate all national resources into the development
campaign. In addition to channeling national resources towards the
nation-building endeavors, the commitment and organization of all citizens
to multiply the effect of the resources is also an imperative requirement.
The Eritrean people had been able to implement various large-scale
development endeavors in a very short period of time owing mainly to the
efficiency of their organization. And the highest praise and credit for the
progress scored so far goes to the highly disciplined and organized members
of the Defense Forces, who are the leaders both to the nation-building and
safeguarding the nation.

Beginning from the armed struggle period in the fields and later through the
national service program after independence, the fact that Eritrea has been
able to cultivate and produce a committed, skilled and goal-oriented army of
development and defense is a significant advantage. Because in a world
overrun by manipulators and exploiters, the only way a nation can overcome
international conspiracies is to stand on your own feet and participate in
the global economy as an equal partner. Thus the basic secret behind the
economic success of peoples and nations is organization and work ethic that
can multiply resources.

Since the Eritrean people already have the advantage of organized
efficiency, one can say they possess the basic ingredient for development.
Our past experience has more than clearly proven the significance of
efficient organization for the success of any objective. Looking back to the
near past, one can see that our success in safeguarding our sovereignty as
well as our nation-building endeavors has mainly been due to the
afore-mention advantage. Thanks to our unfaltering commitment to achieving
food security, we have been able to lay the basic groundwork for effectively
exploiting our agricultural potential and the time is not far when the
traditional farming methods will be replace with modern techniques. The
construction of schools, health centers, roads and the provision of water
and power supply as well as communication facilities in different parts of
the country have created conducive grounds for development. Consequently,
the growing interest for investment in the agriculture, mining and tourism
sectors is now evolving into practical implementation and production.

All the progress being scored in the different sectors of the economy is
mainly a direct result of the tireless efforts of the members of the Defense
Forces, who having safeguarded the nation's sovereignty with their blood and
toil now continue to uphold the pledge to the martyrs in the nation building
process. Extraordinary achievements of the Eritrean army of development!


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