[dehai-news] Jendayi Fraser Attempts to Wreck Zimbabwe's Unity Deal

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From: Hailemelekot, Jonathan (Jonathan_Hailemelekot@cable.comcast.com)
Date: Mon Dec 22 2008 - 09:20:20 EST

December 21, 2008 --The Bush Administration today stepped up the
pressure on behalf of London's efforts to wreck the Zimbabwe unity
government deal that had been painstakingly worked out by former South
Africa President Thabo Mbeki. The move guarantees that the incoming
Obama Administration will be confronted with a London-designed
destabilization crisis in southern Africa.


Jendayi Fraser, the top envoy for Africa of the Bush Administration
State Department, announced today in Pretoria, South Africa, that the
Bush Administration can no longer support the Zimbabwe power-sharing
deal, according to a Voice of America release today. Fraser said that
the Bush Administration has lost confidence that Zimbabwe President
Robert Mugabe is capable of sharing power.


Fraser is mouthing the sentiments of London's Lord Mark Malloch-Brown,
who after an "emergency" trip to South Africa Dec. 11, said: "There is
increasingly a view that you are not going to get a deal while Robert
Mugabe is President."


To ensure that any effort by the Southern Africa Development Community
to push through the deal anyway, would fail, Frazer announced that the
Bush Administration will not lift sanctions against Mugabe and other
leading figures in Zimbabwe. These sanctions are the basis for the past
nine years of economic warfare against Zimbabwe, which has led to the
collapse of the economy, causing the conditions which the government is
being blamed for.


The Bush Administration escalation comes the day after Mugabe said he
had invited the London-favored opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, to
be sworn in as prime minister.


This escalation by the Bush Administration also follows the Dec. 17
announcement by South African President Kgalema Motlanthe that he was
refusing to join the London-orchestrated clamor for Mugabe to step down
as president. Motlanthe at that time indicated that he expected the
unity government in Zimbabwe would be realized in a week, and he
announced an "urgent international campaign" to organize assistance for
Zimbabwe, to which SADC members would be expected to contribute, to deal
with the economic problems hitting the country.

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