[dehai-news] Mareeg.com: Somalia: Eighty Somali MPs reject endorsement of Djibouti pact by parliament

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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Mon Dec 22 2008 - 09:30:19 EST

Somalia: Eighty Somali MPs reject endorsement of Djibouti pact by parliament


More than 80 MPs of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia [TFG]
parliament today opposed recent steps taken by the parliament. In a meeting
of MPs of the TFG parliament, particularly those allied to President
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad, which took place at the Presidency in Baidoa, Bay
Region [south western Somalia], discussed various issues, including recent
decisions made by the Somali parliament. The MPs supporting President
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad said they were opposed to decisions made by the Somali
parliament, among them, endorsement of Prime Minister Nur Adde's
administration and implementation of the Djibouti agreement between the TFG
and the Djibouti based Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia [ARS]. The
MPs also said they were opposed to the petition against President Abdullahi
Yusuf distributed to the MPs last Wednesday [17 December].

Madobe Nunow Muhammad, who is among the Somali MPs who attended the meeting
at the Presidency today, said the Somali parliament had been unable to
perform its duties and it had become inevitable that the president himself
implements the TFG constitution. Today's meeting at the Presidency in Baidoa
was attended by almost 80 MPs of the Somali parliament.


Somalia: Al-Shabab warns US


Al-Shabab, an armed group which fights Ethiopian troops in Somalia told
Al-Jazeera, that they will extend their fighting in places outside Somalia
once they defeat the enemy.


We are fighting to remove the blanket of colonization and to secure freedom
for our country. We are defending ourselves against an enemy that has come
to attack us, said the Al-Shabab spokesman, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur.
After we succeed in that, we will continue fighting and secure the freedom
of many other places in the world from the colonialists, added Abu Mansur.


Ibrahim Almaqdis, an Al-Shabab fighter who is in Marka, Lower Shabelle
Region said they would like to tell the US president, George Bush, and their
enemies about their plans. We will establish an Islamic administration from
Alaska in the US to Chile, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Solomon Islands and
Iceland. We are warning you that we are on our way, said Ibrahim.


Abu Mansur said Al-Shabab is being strengthened by foreign fighters and
urged more foreign fighters to join them. He said his groups consider all
Muslims as Somali nationals. Many [foreigners] have died for our beliefs and
many others are here with us, said Abu Mansur.


We will welcome any Muslim who wants to join us regardless of where in the
world they come from. We will allow them to marry our girls and share our
farms, said Abu Mansur.


Al-Shabab was first established in 2001 by four Somali men who were trained
in Afghanistan. Residents of Marka welcomed Al-Shabab and have started
dressing their children the way Al-Shabab fighters dress. Residents of Marka
said they are the only group that has been able to stabilize Somalia.


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