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Somalia: Two Years after the Invasion
By Staff
Dec 27, 2008, 12:48

Two years ago this week in December 2006, the TPLF regime, an agent for foreign powers in the Horn of Africa backed by the US Administration, invaded and occupied the sovereign nation of Somalia in blatant violation of all international laws and principles.
It is to be recalled that in delivering a speech to parliament the Premier of the mercenary regime termed the invasion of a defenseless country using excessive military hardware both on land and air as a ‘war’ and that his troops achieved 100% success. He further stated that his troops managed to establish a never before seen peace in Somalia and declared that they would withdraw within a few weeks having restored ‘comprehensive peace and stability.’
Threatened by the six months of peace which the Somali people were able to achieve through their own initiative, certain members of the international community not only voiced their support for the illegal invasion but even fell short of words in their praise for the TPLF regime’s lawless actions. Some even ventured to say that Western nations could learn a valuable lesson from the TPLF’s military expertise in their war on terrorism, while others made claims about the development of a new stage for national reconciliation in Somalia
While the TPLF regime and its masters were busy basking in the glory of their bogus victory, others who had taken a practical stock of the developments maintained that just because the TPLF troops managed to easily occupy defenseless Somali towns could not be considered as a military victory, and predicted that Ethiopian troops were being plunged into a quagmire of prolonged war and that external interference in Somalia could only lead to further chaos. In an interview he conducted just before the invasion, President Isaias Afwerki said: “The invasion on the Somali people that is being contemplated is only a march in to a quagmire.”
Today, two years later, the consequences of the invasion are clear for everyone to see. It has become more than evident that the US strategy in this case has been completely erroneous. And the ineffective so-called transitional government installed in Mogadishu by the TPLF troops could gain neither control nor acceptance among the Somali people. Furthermore, the initial euphoria of the TPLF troops soon came to an embarrassing conclusion as the dead bodies of their comrades lined the streets of Mogadishu. The fierce opposition of the Somali people spiraled out of the control and soon spread to the Somali seacoast and the Indian Ocean, morphing into a global threat. Bewildered by the Somali people’s fierce and unremitting resistance, the TPLF regime has been forced to look for another military force to replace its troops and make a humiliating exit.
As a result of the invasion, the Somali people had in the past two years endured extent of massacre, destruction, and displacement unprecedented even under the rule of the warlords. No other crimes on humanity committed in the 21st century could compare to the atrocities committed against the Somali people. The fact that the modern world that prides itself on its civilized laws and principles could not put an end to the crimes on humanity in Somalia will mark a very dark chapter in its history.

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