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From: O.N.L.F. Press (onlfpress@onlf.org)
Date: Wed Dec 31 2008 - 20:29:46 EST

O.N.L.F Information Bulletin
31 December 2008

(Information Supplement For Dec 20th 2008 Press Statement http://

The following are some of the names of those civilians massacred by
the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) in Mooyaha village,
Ogaden on December 17th 2008. In total 48 civilians were gunned down
in the village center. The area was closed of for several days in
order to remove the bodies and eliminate the evidence of a massacre.
These people were unarmed. This massacre was a war crime and
demonstrates that the people of Ogaden continue to be targeted solely
because of their ethnic heritage and their desire for freedom in a
systematic and deliberate campaign of terror perpetrated by the
Ethiopian regime. The United Nations continues to turn a blind eye to
these events and has justified its inability to conduct an
"independent investigation" into war crimes in Ogaden on the fact
that Ethiopia has not invited them in. The ONLF notes that there is
no evidence that the United Nations has even asked to be let in to
conduct an "independent investigation" into gross violations of human
rights as called for by the UN's own humanitarian assesment team
which visted Ogaden in late 2007.

List of Names Of Those Massacred By ENDF

  (Names presented in Somali)

1. Sheekh Abdi Xaliimo Sh Muhumed
2. Mawliid Sh Abdi Haliim
3. Mohamed Abdi Haliim
4. Aw-Nuur Xaashi C/llaahi
5. Ibraahim Abdi C/llaahi
6. Sheekh C/llaahi Muxumed Kare
7. Muhumed Muumin
8. Qarayare
9. Ali Haydar Ali
10. Abdi Shafeec Hassan
11. Haashi Budul Osman
12. Hassan-Lacag A/llaahi Osman
13. Abdullaahi Shekh Hassan Dayib
14. Mohamed Sheekh Hassan Dayib
15. Daba-Geel
16. Dayr Xandulle
17. Ismail Gannad
18. Mohamed Farah Dheere
19. C/llaahi Badal
20. Arahman Mohamed Sugulle(Baylood)
21. Sandon
22. Mustafe Hassan Mahad
23. C/llaahi Ali Xaamud
24. C/llaahi Imaan Muhumed
25. Ibrahim Dhaga-Cadde
26. Ismail Aw-Dahir
27. Badal Idaan Xuseen
28. Maxamuud Cali Ciise Didhiq
29. Abdirahman (dharjaan)
30. Sheekh Abdullaahi Muctaad
31. Bacallaadh
32. Cumar-Qoofal
33. Geedi Ali Mahad
34. Badri C/llaahi
35. Abdi Hassan Khaliif
36. Ali Abshir

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)

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