Kofi Annan, UNSG, African Blood is on Your Hands!
By: Ogbazgy Abbay Asmerom
October 10, 2004

This article has four parts:
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Part Three

Eritrean justice has been crying for 50 years. For years, no one gave it a listening ear! Alas, finally, the Eritreans earned their independence by the old-fashioned way, through blood, sweat, and tears; and in May 1991, they defeated the Ethiopian army. Hence, as of May 24, 1991, Eritrea, against all odds and against the wishes of the international community, became independent. That is irreversible! That is a fact and a realty that must be accepted. There is no "ifs or buts" about the reality of Eritrean independence!

Every sensible Eritrean knows how much has been sacrificed to attain national independence. Every Eritrean family has paid a price for the war of national independence! That has a deep meaning in the hearts and minds of all Eritreans. Hence, Eritrean Independence is not going to be un-done by the sinister and evil ways of the Woyanies and their supporters, including you. Eritrean independence is the result of service and sacrifice. It is precious! It will not be traded in the open markets for the highest bidder, which one of them could be Tigray or Ethiopia!

Mr. Kofi Annan,

The tragedy of Rwanda in the 1990s took place under your watch. Rwanda was a "killing field." You failed at that time. The blood of innocent Rwandans is on your hands! At this time, the Darfur situation is also taking place under your watch. Here gain, unfortunately, you are also trying to make a mess out of Darfur! Under your unfortunate stewardship, the deplorable situations in The Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Ivory Coast, and many other African countries deteriorated.

You did not take the situation in each country very seriously. You did not "get moved" by the mayhem that took place in each country! It is a tragic episode to see that an African has decided to play with the blood and life of Africans. What is the matter with you? What is your vision for the continent? Are you a paid agent to see Africa go to the abyss of perpetual turmoil and instability? What do you gain out of the blood and misery of fellow Africans?

In your recent report you have recommended for a troop reduction within the UN Peace Keeping forces in Eritrea and Ethiopia, so that it would save some money for the UN. Woow! Is this a genuine recommendation? Is the mighty dollar more precious than African blood? This recommendation shows that you absolutely do not care for the suffering of innocent Eritreans and Ethiopians.

You seem to care only for saving money! Instead of recommending for the inducing process in making Ethiopia comply with the ruling of the border commission's decision, you have taken a silly step and wanted the mission get aborted! You are playing with African blood in the confines of your New York Headquarters! Why did you not recommend to the Security Council that Ethiopia be forced to comply? Is that recommendation too hard for you to swallow? It appears that you have chosen to save the mighty dollar rather than saving African lives! Thus, your legacy is in jeopardy! Your integrity is questionable!

As far as the Eritreans are concerned, they do not want Badme to be the "modern day Kashmir of the Horn of Africa." They are looking for a speedy resolution to the quagmire. India and Pakistan are at loggerheads over Kashmir! They have not gained anything out of that quagmire! Hence, Eritrea and Ethiopia will not gain anything out of the quagmire you are creating.

The Eritreans do not want you to be an agent of aggression and deception, who helps the Ethiopians achieve their dreams of getting an outlet to the Sea! If you are determined to save Ethiopia, you may need to change your strategy and tactics! You cannot put old wine in a new wine bottle and sell it at an exorbitant price! Eritrean independence is not for sale. It is here to stay.

Right now, at this time, the Ethio-Eritrean Border Demarcation Impasse has, according to Eritrean accounts, reached a closed door! This is because of your position! You and your agents have created a mess out of the Border Demarcation Impasse! It is up to you to fix the mess you have created! You have to think twice before the door closes permanently!

Lloyd Axworthy has no place in Eritrea! You may have planned to please your Ethiopian friends, but for the Eritreans, it is a non-starter! Please do not waste any precious time playing with African lives! The Eritreans know that blood is thicker than water! They are not going to or willing to see any blood of a fellow citizen being spilled!

Let the demarcation begin immediately! Let it be implemented as it was outlined by the Border Commission! You need to work with the Ethiopians and make them realize their diplomatic quagmire. Let Lloyd Axworthy work a miracle with the Ethiopians. Let him, if you like, open a permanent office in Addis Abeba and figure out the intrigues being played at the palace of Emperor Menelik II! Let him learn the "Wax and Gold" metaphor of the Ethiopian language and diplomacy! For the Eritreans, he has no magic formula.

Every sensible Eritrean believes that the Ethiopians are itching to start another war. You and the 15 members seem to encourage that! You and the 15 members of the Security Council think that another war will start! You seem to indicate that war is inevitable. What did your horoscope tell you? It should not be that way! If it starts, it is because of the position you have taken, which is a position of appeasement and blindness! Your position is deplorable! It is a farce!

The planned-destination of the Woyanies and Ethiopians is Asmara; and their objective is the re-colonization of Eritrea! The eyes of the Ethiopians are on the pearls of the Red Sea, Massawa, and Aseb! All sensible Eritreans know that the hearts and minds of the Tigriyans are burning with envy and jealousy! They do not want to see Eritrea prosper and become self- sufficient! You need to know and understand that Eritrea is not going to be subservient to Ethiopian wishes! The Eritreans have chosen to be the captains of their ship and the conductors of their train!

Eritreans believe in self-sufficiency, self-determination, perseverance, patience, and the rule of law! The supremacy of an international law must be respected. Ethiopia has violated an international law. In fact, it is the first nation in the world to do so! It has chosen a path of lawlessness. It has to pay the price for its defiant attitude! For how long is this going to continue? There has to be a "Stop Sign" on this madness!

The supreme goal of the Eritreans, at this time, is economic rehabilitation. They know that they have a daunting task to accomplish an "economic take off." They know they will uplift the devastated Eritrean economy and will work to improve the lives of the common person. They know that they do not expect any salvation come from any source. They will do it themselves! They will depend on their own ingenuity! They do not expect any handouts from anybody.

Know this; the Eritreans are not begging you to bring salvation! They only want you to do your job! They are seeking justice to be served! Let not any Eritrean blood be traded for saving money for the UN!

If another war starts, the Ethiopians do wish the Algiers accord will be abrogated! If that happens, they know that the Border Commission's Decision will be dead! Hence, if that happens, there will not be anything to be called legal or binding! The Eritreans know this sinister plan and they are not foolish enough to be trapped by the deceitful Tigriyans and Ethiopians! Eritrea does not want any war! It knows the consequence of war! It fought for 30 years to gain its independence! Eritrea says"Enough" to war!

In spite of your inconsistent approach, Eritrea will constantly remind you and the UN Security Council to do your job and to uphold the decision of the Border Commission. It will not slumber for a minute without reminding the world community of its responsibility. You and the UN Security Council have the moral obligation and the legal responsibility to implement the decision of the Border Commission. Saving few bucks should not be your goal!

All said and done, know this, Eritrea will always assert its sovereign right to defend its territorial integrity. It will stand up against any enemy that threatens its survival or violates its territorial integrity! It has the means to do that!

Eritrea will continue to remind the world community that an international law cannot be unilaterally be trampled by a wretched land! What does Ethiopia have to offer to the world community? It is the poor of the poorest! Ethiopia is not a super power! It has nothing to threaten the world! There are no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) hidden somewhere! There are no biological weapons.

There are no nuclear reactors that could produce mushroom clouds! It only has a misery index of famine, pestilence, HIV/Aids, and poverty that do resemble those of biblical times. Because of these problems, the world community feels pity and wants to rescue a dying nation! Nevertheless, its rescue mission should not be at the expense of Eritrean independence!

Mr. Kofi Annan,

In simple legal terms, if a convicted felon refuses to pay any restitution for the crimes he or she has committed, the local judge will issue an order to have him or her arrested. Hence, the local sheriff will put the felon in prison. Thus, Ethiopia is a felon! In fact, it is a terrorist nation that has created havoc in the Horn of Africa. Thus, it must be locked up and be put in prison! It has to pay a higher price for its arrogance, defiant attitude, and constant poking at the Border Commission's Decision.

Ethiopia needs to be tamed! It should not be allowed to continue for years without complying with the decision of an International instrument!

To Be Continued..