Truths That the Deep State Scrubs From the Internet

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Date: Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Truths That the Deep State Scrubs From the Internet

Eric Zuesse

Among the many news-reports I’ve done that the Deep State decided to eliminate from history, was my 20 December 2019 “Proof that America’s “Deep State” Exists and Controls the Government”, at The Duran, which was republished at Zero Hedge, The Saker, Europe Reloaded, Modern Diplomacy, and If you Google that title, “Proof that America’s ‘Deep State’ Exists and Controls the Government”, then only two of those six sites show up as finds: the other four do not, though the article still is live at 5 of the 6 sites. At the other four sites, the article is still live at 3 of them — but Google’s algorithm is simply hiding it from Web-searchers: it excludes from showing up in Web-searches anything on those 3 sites; they are banned sites. (The 4th of these sites had yielded to a threat from a Deep State agency; and, therefore, months ago, had removed that article from the live Web; so, that ‘find’ is actually months out-of-date.) Furthermore, where the article refers and links to “my December 15th news report, “Two Huge Suppressed News-Reports in a 3-Day Period Display Corrupt U.S.-&-Allied Mainstream Press”, that link, there, produces, as Google finds, nothing, or maybe one find, though the linked-to article was at The Duran, Greanville Post, Eurasia Review, Global Research, The Russophile, RobScholte Museum, and AlHayam. It still is live at all of those 7 sites except The Russophile. Consequently, it’s not showing up at the other 6 sites because Google is suppressing those sites. (Actually, Google is suppressing all 7 of the sites, but The Russophile had removed that and other articles because they're trying to cut expenses.) So: the information in that linked-to article is effectively being hidden from the public, by employees of the Deep State. 

Both of those articles were documenting the Deep State. In the  U.S.-and-allied media contest between lies and truths, lies get overwhelmingly the more funding. (There are many ways this is done. I have elsewhere described how a hired arm of the Deep State succeeded in forcing one of my online publishers to cease publishing me and to remove all of the hundreds of my articles there from their archive.)

Wealth has now become sufficiently concentrated in the United States so that the under-a-thousand billionaires can and do shape what the public ‘know’, to such an extent that these few persons have — via their millions of hired agents — enough collective control over voters so as to guarantee that any candidate whom all billionaires oppose, will stand virtually no opportunity to win public office. Controlling the ‘news’, and the universities and think tanks, is controlling the Government. This way, the billionaires’ megacorporations control even the ‘regulatory’ agencies of the Government that are supposed to regulate them in the interests of the public. The revolving door between ‘government and the private sector’ virtually invites corruption to control the Government.  This system has become today’s American ‘democracy’. Thus: wealth brings power, and power brings wealth, in a vicious circle. Both Parties are deeply corrupt. The public gets to choose between the candidate of the Democratic billionaires versus the candidate of the Republican billionaires. The winner represents the winning group of billionaires.

My article,  “Proof that America’s “Deep State” Exists and Controls the Government”, goes far beyond the Mueller Special Counsel investigation, which had failed to convict anyone in the Trump-Russiagate matter, and that article proved the entire Russiagate matter to have been a carefully calculated hoax by (the billionaires who finance) the Democratic Party, in order to not only defeat Trump, but also smear Russia in the ways that all of America’s billionaires want to do (and that no American billionaire wants to oppose doing — the goal is evidently unanimous amongst them to build the hate, and lying is essential for that purpose). That article quotes Seymour Hersh saying that in “late spring early summer” of 2016, a dissident employee of the Democratic National Committee, Seth Rich, was outraged at Hillary Clinton’s theft of the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination away from Bernie Sanders, and contacted Wikileaks to arrange for someone to come from England and pick up a thumb-drive copy of his hard drive and take to Wikileaks the emails and other communications that were on it, so as to expose her — and the DNC’s — theft of that nomination for her. And Hersh then said, at 5:50 in the recording, “It’s a Brennan [CIA] operation. It was an American disinformation, and the fucking President [Obama], at one point when they even started telling the press — they were back[ground]-briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press, the fucking cocksucker Rogers, telling the press that we [they] even know who in the Russian military intelligence service leaked it. All bullshit.” So: not only Mueller couldn’t get any jury to convict anybody, but Mueller’s assertions that, nonetheless, Russia had tried to manipulate a win for Trump, were actually pure lies, and there was NO HACK, at all. It was instead A LEAK — to Wikileaks — and not only the CIA but the FBI were in on the anti-Russian (and anti-Trump) propaganda-operation that was Russiagate.

Then, on 22 April 2023, Kim Dotcom publicly revealed that “Seth Rich contacted me and offered information about the DNC. I rejected receiving the data personally and forwarded him to someone close to Wikileaks. That’s how Wikileaks got the DNC and Hillary Clinton leaks.”

As my 20 December 2019 article had pointed out, this “someone” was the former UK Ambassador and personal friend of Assange, Craig Murray. So, Murray did it, instead of Kim Dotcom. No Russians were involved.

In other words: Russiagate was an operation funded by Democratic Party billionaires against Republican Party billionaires, a contest in deceit, against the general public, the electorate: Which side will fool the larger percentage of voters and win the Electoral College? A typical example of how it worked was this: The December 2017 issue of one of America’s Democratic Party magazines, The New Republic (TNR) had on its front cover a scary image of Vladimir Putin’s face, overlaid by the blaring headline “HOW TO ATTACK A DEMOCRACY”. Inside was the feature-article, headlined “Weaken From Within”. The TNR article opened by saying: “Moscow has been honing an information age art of war — through fake news, disinformation, leaks, and trolling — for more than a decade. How can free societies protect themselves?” Then came this:

After the Mueller investigation’s first round of indictments on Monday, there is still much to learn about the true extent of Russia’s influence on the 2016 election and how to prevent similar actions in the future. With growing knowledge of how Russia used Facebook ads to deliver targeted messaging to specific demographics, the true depth of their cyber capabilities is still unknown. To better understand what cyber warfare may look like and its crippling impact, an attack from 2007 provides a look at what the Russians may be capable of and why it’s time to prepare.

The Democratic billionaires were aiming to help Biden defeat Trump and to prioritize conquering Russia before conquering China, just as the Republican billionaires were aiming to help Trump defeat Biden and to prioritize conquering China before conquering Russia; but, otherwise, the two Parties’ foreign policies were similar and both are called “neoconservative” or pro-expanding-the-U.S.-empire. Both sides of America’s aristocracy demand this. No billionaires oppose it.

It’s just a contest in deceiving the voters.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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