Pending U.S. Congressional Resolution on War Against Russia

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Date: Wednesday, 03 May 2023

Pending U.S. Congressional Resolution on War Against Russia

Eric Zuesse

The Ukraine Victory Resolution, which was introduced in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate on April 25th, now appears likely to become passed in both houses of the Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden. The Resolution says that, “It is the policy of the United States to see Ukraine victorious against the invasion and restored to its internationally recognized 1991 borders,” which means that unless Russia will return to Ukraine all of the land that it now is controlling within what had been the 1991 borders of Ukraine (Crimea, Donbass, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia), America will declare war against Russia, supposedly to force Russia to yield those populations and lands back to Ukraine’s government as they had been prior to Obama’s 2014 coup’s having overthrown the democratically elected and neutralist President of Ukraine and replaced him with a rabidly anti-Russian and illegal U.S.-imposed government, which even Ukraine’s Presidents after that time have acknowledged to be illegitimate but which both of them led to invade the breakaway former Donbass region and threatening to invade the breakaway former Crimea region. All of the proposed Resolution’s congressional sponsors are shown here.

On May 2nd, Rome’s Catholic Church, which competes worldwide for members against Moscow's Eastern Orthodox Church, headlined in its “Our Sunday Visitor” news service from Washington DC, “Helsinki Commission examines Russia's attack on religious liberty in Ukraine”, and reported on a hearing at the Capitol, in which the two authors of this Resolution were instead described as 

chairman and ranking member of the Helsinki Commission, respectively, expressed concern about the Putin regime's use of the state-run Russian Orthodox Church in an effort to achieve its ends in the invasion of Ukraine.

Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has backed Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, equating it to a defense of the Orthodox faith, despite international condemnation.

Though the Helsinki Commission was described there as “an independent U.S. government agency,” the American Roman Catholic news-report says nothing about what the word “independent” means when applying it to an agency of the U.S. Government, especially since that Government is clearly against Russia’s Government. Nor does it explain how that Commission’s having its headquarters at the corner of 3rd and D Streets, SW, Washington, DC, in room 234 of the Ford House Office Building, fits with the “independence” of that Commission, which is also misleadingly named there as being the “Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe” and which Commission often refers to itself as the “CSCE”, in order to deceive the public into believing that it is related to the OSCE or Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which actually is in Europe, and does have at least a nominal independence from the U.S. Congress.

Anyway, this news-report, from the U.S. Roman Catholic Church against the Moscow Orthodox Church, went on to assert that:

In a hearing at the Capitol, Reps. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., and Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., chairman and ranking member of the Helsinki Commission, respectively, expressed concern about the Putin regime's use of the state-run Russian Orthodox Church in an effort to achieve its ends in the invasion of Ukraine. …

Wilson said in a statement. "Ukrainian victory is good for U.S. national security and economic stability, denies Putin any reward for his invasion, and deters China and Iran. Ukraine’s existence depends on victory."

Cohen said Ukrainian victory "is also critical for the United States."

"Ukraine is preventing an incursion into NATO and demonstrating to autocrats that borders cannot be changed by force alone — a fundamental underpinning of the peaceful international system," Cohen said in a statement. "The Ukrainian fight is our common fight. There is no alternative to victory."

The resolution that they wrote and are leading through the Congress will, if it passes and becomes signed by the President, then be followed by the necessary U.S. Declaration of War against Russia in order to fulfill upon the commitment which that Resolution is promising, which commitment is victory against Russia in Ukraine. Russia’s determination to defend itself against the U.S.’s having grabbed Ukraine in order to place its missiles there only 317 miles away from The Kremlin would then be serving as the U.S. Government’s pretext for starting WW III.

The earlier history of the Ukraine war can be seen here.


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