U.S. & Norwegian Governments Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines

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Date: Thursday, 18 May 2023

Proof: U.S. & Norwegian Governments Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines

Eric Zuesse

The world’s most famous and highly honored investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, on 8 February 2023, headlined at his blog “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline”, and described in remarkable detail not only the Biden Administration’s starting in December 2021 the planning for the operation to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines, but the considerable lead-up to Biden’s decision in December to authorize it. Hersh also described there Biden’s concerns starting in June 2021 which had produced that decision by him. He also described in detail how that operation was carried out, and the crucial involvement of the Norwegian Government — which means also Norway’s King — in assisting that operation.

When the article became published, at that blog, there was much expectation, among the relatively few people who got to learn about it and who read it, that major news media would follow up by doing their own investigations in order either to verify or else disconfirm what Hersh had reported.

There was also, virtually universally, among individuals who had read the article, an expectation that the European nations which now were paying more than twice as high prices for energy as before the termination of those pipelines, that there would be official investigations in order to either confirm or disprove Hersh’s allegations.

But none of those expectations were fulfilled: Not only did all of the world’s major ‘news’-media not do those follow-up investigations, but none of the Governments of the harmed European countries did either.

As-of today, Hersh’s account is all that we have (except for a few obviously bogus and some even ludicrous stories, such as that Ukrainian amateurs had done it).

Then, on 11 April 2023, the renowned investigative journalist Jonathan Cook headlined at Mint Press News and at his blog, “WHY THE MEDIA DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE NORD STREAM BLASTS” and reported about the stunning lack of news-coverage of Hersh’s remarkable blockbuster, and about the total disinterest of not only all of the mainstream news media but all of the Governments and countries that were paying perhaps as high as a trillion dollars in losses on account of that successful blow-up operation.

Now, over a month after Jonathan Cook’s article that urged an end to this — what by then was clearly a massive cover-up — the total black-out continues. There still is no follow-up.

All of this had started with Hersh’s journalistic narrative of who and how that operation was done; but, by now, the world DOES have extremely important and persuasive ADDITIONAL evidence regarding that account; and it is this:

The longer this black-out continues, the higher becomes the probability that Hersh’s account is true and accurate. Perhaps this additional evidence is ‘only circumstantial’, but sometimes circumstantial evidence can amount so high — higher each and every day now — and so is increasingly likely to become decisive, so that it can even, ultimately, exceed in certainty, the strictest courtroom standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Has the black-out now continued long enough, so that, by now, reasonable persons will conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Hersh’s account was “true” — that his narrative constitutes the actual history behind the event?

I think that it has. 

What I find especially remarkable in this regard, is that, even after all of the time since 8 February 2023, no one has yet brought forth any evidence which is contrary to anything in Hersh’s narrative. Biden and others have said it was false, but no evidence has yet been presented against anything in Hersh’s account. Obviously, if any such contrary evidence existed, the motivation and means to bring it forth, to the public, would almost certainly already have been presented.

I therefore am now willing to say that Hersh’s account has been proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, to have been true.

Any lack of prosecutions at this stage will consequently constitute intensification of the black-out. This massive crime is thus growing larger, now, every day, day-by-day. It has become a crime by the press, against the public, and also by the Government officials in the harmed countries, such as Germany — and no longer ONLY a crime by the perpetrators of those blow-ups.

A reasonable person can, by now, conclude that Hersh presented on 8 February 2023 a true and accurate description of how this crime was done. But, furthermore: the mounting crimes by those press-organizations, and by the Government officials of the harmed countries, are, by now, indisputable, and are piling higher and higher, each and every day. The clock is ticking, as the impunity of the gangsters who are responsible for these crimes against the public become, each and every day, more and more stark. These are Governments and press-organizations that need to be taken down and replaced. They cannot be accepted within a democracy. This fact is clear, by now. The only remaining big question has become how to do it. It’s not only an international problem: it is also a national one, internal within many countries. The myth that these are ‘democracies’ has been shattered. We are now in extraordinary circumstances.


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